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Prof. KR. Sethuraman, Vice-Chancellor- SBV


Deans of Faculty

  • Prof. N. Ananthakrishnan, Dean- Research and Allied Health Sciences, SBV
  • Prof. M. Ravishankar, Dean – Faculty of Medicine, SBV
  • Prof. Premanath Fakirayya Kotur , Dean, SSSMCRI
  • Dr. Saravana Kumar R, Dean (In-Charge) of Dentistry, IGIDS.
  • Prof. Renuka Guhan, Dean of Nursing Sciences, KGNC.


Head of Departments – MGMCRI

  • Dr. Rajasekar, HoD, Anatomy, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Ramesh, R, HoD, Biochemistry , MGMCRI
  • Dr. Madan Mohan, HoD,Physiology , MGMCRI
  • Dr. K. Seetha, HoD,Microbiology, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Satish Kumar, HoD, Forensic Medicine, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Manimekalai.K, HoD,Pharmacology , MGMCRI
  • Dr. Dhananjay S. Kotasthane, HoD,Pathology, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Jayasingh, HoD,General Medicine, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Ramanathan, HoD,General Surgery,MGMCRI
  • Dr. Seetesh Ghose, HoD,OB & GY, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Krishnagopal, HoD, Orthopaedics , MGMCRI
  • Dr. Gunasekaran, HoD, Paediatrics, MGMCRI
  • Dr. S. Krishnan, HoD, Dermatology, MGMCRI
  • Dr. P. Karthikeyan, HoD, of ENT,MGMCRI
  • Dr. Easwaran, HoD, Psychiatry, MGMCRI
  • Dr. K. Surendra Menon, HoD, Pulmonary Medicine, MGMCRI
  • Dr. M. Ravi Shankar, HoD, Anaesthesiology, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Jayaraman , HoD In-Charge, Radiology, MGMCRI
  • Dr. S. Srikanth, HoD, Ophthalmology, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Pratheesh Ravindharan , In charge Neurosurgery , MGMCRI
  • Dr. Mossadeq. A , HoD, Urology, MGMCRI

Head of Departments – SSSMCRI

  • Dr.Swayamjothi S, HoD, Anatomy
  • Dr.B.Narasimha Rao, HoD, Physiology
  • Dr.Balaji Rajagopalan, HoD, Biochemistry
  • Dr. Naseem Noorunnisa, HoD, Pathology
  • Dr.Karthika Jayakumar, HoD, Microbiology
  • Dr.Venkatadri, HoD, Pharmacology
  • Dr.Manju Prakash, HoD, Forensic Medicine
  • Dr.Jagadeesh Ramasamy, HoD, Community Medicine
  • Dr.Neelakanda Vishwanathan, HoD In-charge, General Medicine
  • Dr. Sundaramurthy A, HoD, Pulmonary Medicine
  • Dr. Srinivasan .G, HoD In-charge, Dermatology
  • Dr. Thendral, HoD In-charge, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Prema, HoD In-charge, Peadiatrics
  • Dr. Suthanthira Devi S, HoD, OBGY
  • Dr. Mohamed Ismail S, General Surgery
  • Dr. Rajasekar M R, HoD, Orthopeadics
  • Dr. Gurumani, HoD, ENT
  • Dr. Ravi S, HoD, Ophthalmology
  • Dr.Vishwanath, HoD, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Subramanian V, HoD, Radiology

Head of Departments – IGIDS

  • Dr. Karpagavinayagam HoD (In-Charge), Conservative & Endodontics
  • Prof. R. Sathyanarayanan, HoD, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Prof. P.S. Manohnaran, HoD, Prosthodontics
  • Prof. G.S. Prathima, HoD, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
  • Prof. A. Shantha Devy, HoD, Oral Pathology & Microbiology
  • Prof. Senkutvan, HoD, Orthodontics
  • Prof. M. Senthil, HoD,   Public Health Dentistry
  • Prof. Viswanth Rangdhol, HoD, Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Prof. R. Saravana Kumar, HoD, Periodontics

Head of Departments – KGNC

  • Prof.  Renuka.K, HOD, Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Prof. P. Sumathy, HOD, Child Health Nursing
  • Prof. M. Annie Annal, HOD, Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing
  • Ms. S. Prabavathy, HOD, Mental Health Nursing
  • Ms D. Suguna Mary, Community Health Nursing

Ten Professors other than the HODs

  • Prof. Ramanathan R, Professor of General Surgery, MGMCRI
  • Prof. Reddi Rani, Professor of OBGY, MGMCRI
  • Prof. Kirthinath Jha, Professor of Ophthalmology, MGMCRI
  • Prof. Uma Devi, Professor of Microbiology, MGMCRI
  • Prof. Joseph Philip Raj, Professor of Urology, MGMCRI.
  • Prof. Shantha Devi A, Professor of Oral Pathology, IGIDS
  • Prof. Sumathy P, Professor of Child Health Nursing, KGNC.
  • Prof. Vishwanathan, Professor of General Medicine, SSSMCRI.
  • Prof. Sunderamoorthy, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, SSSMCRI
  • Prof. Karthika Jeya Kumar, Professor of Microbiology

Three Assoc.Professors other than HODs

  • Dr. Mugunthan, Assoc. Professor of Anatomy, MGMCRI.
  • Dr. Siva Senthil, Reader of Prosthodontics & Crown and Bridge, IGIDS.
  • Ms. Kripa Angeline A, Assoc.Professor of Medical Surgical Nursing, KGNC.

Three Assistant Professors other than HODs

  • Dr. Ahsish, Asst. Professor of Orthopaedics, MGMCRI
  • Dr. Reeta R, Asst. Professor of Biochemistry, MGMCRI
  • Dr. John Baliah, Asst. Professor of Oral Medicine, IGIDS

Three persons of repute from educational Institutions / persons from any other field related to activities of SBV and not working in SBV

  • Dr. S.P. Thyagarajan, Dean- Research, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.
  • Dr. Thomas V Chacko, Professor & Head of Community Medicine, Director- PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore.
  • Dr. G. Subramanian,  Founder Director,  National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria,  Bharathidasan University,  Thiruchirapalli.

Three Persons who are not members of the Teaching Staff

  • Mrs. Asha Suresh Babu, Personal Secretary to Chairman
  • Mr. Jayaraman, Librarian, SBV
  • Mr. Ramasamy, Academic Officer, MGMCRI.



Prof. A.R. Srinivasan, Registrar, SBV.