SBV Invocation

SBV Invocation is a pioneering effort to spread the word that institutes of higher education should depict secularism in letter, spirit and definitive action by starting everyday afresh with SBV invocation, sans religious content. The rendition of the secular chant on “Education” is set to the melody or rAg kEdAr, a musical mode in the Hindustani idiom of Indian music whose equivalent in the Carnatic style of Music is hameerkalyAni. The composition is tuned to music by Prof. Sumathy Sundar, Director, Center for Music Therapy Education and Research, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth and at the behest of the former Vice–Chancellor Prof. K.R. Sethuraman. The SBV invocation also carries in itself the meaning of the Sanskrit rendition, in English.  The lyrics in musical Sanskrit capture the basic tenets and values of higher education in a capsule form. This model could be embraced by all the other institutes of higher education, as it is a secular invocation using Indian traditional chants on “Education” but in an eclectic manner. The vocalists featured in this musical recording are Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Ms.Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, Ms. Kala Varadan, Ms. Karthika Vaidyanathan,  Ms. Prashanthi Rajan, Mr.Vishwesh Swaminathan and  Mr.PL  Harikrishnan . Mr. S. Rajaram on the Flute and Ms.Surya Kamalakannan on the keyboard have embellished the efforts of the vocalists.


SBV logo

The characteristics of a good logo are :

  • Simple and facile in depiction
  • Scalable
  • Memorable / Impactful
  • Versatile, in terms of the tenets that it conveys
  • Relevant to the ethos and in compliance with the vision and mission statement

The logo of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth is unique in the sense that it portrays the essence of three tenet -oriented frontiers  associated with any Higher education  institution         (HEI) in Health Sciences, namely Academics, Patient Care and Research. These are inherently embedded in the logo.

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV) firmly believes that for holistic growth, spirituality assumes great relevance, sans reference to any particular religion.  SBV extols the famous quote “Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside” Another quote governs the tenet of SBV. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.
“A University should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning” says one more quote. SBV wants to embrace it into its folds both in letter and action. Healthcare, as per the initiatives of Govt. of India calls for a great contribution from the Private Sector. Since the last decade, most of the healthcare capacity that has been acceded into the armamentarium  has been in the frontiers of private sector, or in partnership with the private sector. The private sector accounts for nearly 60% of the hospitals in the country, nearly 30% beds in the hospitals, and nearly 80% of clinicians. SBV has taken cognizance of this fact and has firmly embedded this major attribute into its logo, namely healthcare.
Holistic welfare calls for the welfare of the body, mind and spiritual aspects contained in an individual. At SBV, this has been addressed effectively. Fortifying the conventional modes of delivery in academics, patient care and research by the value added additions in complimentary medicine, namely music medicine/ therapy and yoga medicine/ therapy signify this important initiative, namely welfare for all pointing to holistic well being.

Diligence denotes work that is carried out in a systematic, consistent, objective, persistent manner towards a chosen goal. Citing the famous quote “ Diligence is the mother of good luck” SBV has allowed its students and faculty to imbibe this into their system so that the goals and ambitions of the deemed university are realized in a manner that would reflect the ethos of higher education institutions, in general and health sciences universities, in particular.

Research and knowledge coexist, for knowledge in the realms of a  health sciences Higher education institution has to be constantly updated and this endeavour would be facilitated by Research. Research at SBV is propelled in different strata-but all holistically aimed towards evidence based research. The strata include research at UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Super specialty and faculty levels.

The three tenets of a health sciences, viz., academics, patient care and research congregate in order to herald and signify the motto of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth