Comprehensive Oral Health Program

A program was planned to create awareness about the importance of oral health and improve oral hygiene among
Aurobindo society members. To fulfil this aim, screening, preventive and curative procedures were planned at
Aurobindo Society on 30/12/2019. The program was inaugurated by Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr. Subash
Chandra Parija. A team of two dentists and 20 students provided the dental services. The camp was conducted for
86 members. A diagnostic-checkup was done, following which the required treatment module was explained.
Awareness of oral health among Aurobindo society members was increased by education in brushing techniques and methods to improve oral hygiene. Scaling and restoration treatments were performed. The response by the group was positive and the camp was deemed successful. On this event, an intern donated oral hygiene awareness
aid to Aurobindo society members.