This department deals with the study, prevention, interception and correction of malocclusions. Malocclusions affect the functions, aesthetics and stability of the stomatognathic system both in adults and in children. The department has 28 well maintained dental chairs with excellent patient flow. Faculty to student’s ratio is well maintained as per Dental Council of India norms. The department is well equipped with state of the art facilities for both UG and PG teaching and training.


The goal of the department is to provide the society with an excellent, refined human being with human values, who will be well trained and taught to provide dental and orthodontic services to society.


The primary objectives of the department are to

  • To maintain a stress-free learning pattern in order to achieve the mastery in diagnosis and treatment of various malocclusions based on evidence and new research.
  • To provide the patients with excellent orthodontic treatment care
  • To maintain the dignity and decorum of humanity and the profession