Managing patient comprehensively is success of a good clinician. The disease pathosis and treatment plan that fall into the boundaries of overlapping specialties makes a perplexing situation for the clinician.To fulfil this void, “CHAMP” will enable the third year post graduate to achieve this goal in a steadfast manner. Students will be exposed and motivated to earn in heutagogy manner, thus taking them beyond the confines of class room learning. All the third year postgraduates and faculties will contribute to the outcome of learning in the interdisciplinary cases and its management.

These sessions will be scheduled as per the convenience of the integrating department as well as the availability of the cases for discussions.


Multi-Disciplinary case presentation and discussion at the treatment planning,completed cases and follow -up level.

Eleven steps in integrated learning. For details refer to “ The integration ladder: a tool for curriculum planning and evaluation” by Ronald M Harden