alumni association


  • To keep up the name & fame of the college
  • To assist the Nursing College in continuing development
  • To help the students with their problems
  • To keep well informed about modern trends in the nursing profession
  • To continue the college friendship through Alumni network
  • To help individual members of the Association
  • To upgrade the professional standards and status of the nursing
  • To enlighten the public regarding the nursing profession through services


A. For the college
  • The Alumni Association relationship with the college shall be open, cordial and vital. They will keep intimating the college Administration and Teaching Staff regarding their prosperity and recent new developments, trends in nursing.
  • Promote good public relations between the College, Nursing service personnel, medical personnel, and the general public.
  • To conduct CNE / Workshop on recent trends in patient care, education and research.
B. For the students
  • Assist students with their problems.
  • Plan social recreational and professional activities for the students.
  • Issuing scholarship based on the student performance.
C. For the members
  • Work towards the solution of professional problems.
  • Provide scholarship/loans.
  • Work with professional Nurses Association, Government and Private Health Care agencies in setting up employment standards based on the quality of works, education and research.
D. For the community
  • Work with professionals and demonstrate human concern with quality health care in the community through screening camps, mass campaigns and awareness programme.
  • Organize or work with the governmental and Nongovernmental organizations to improve the quality of life of specific community viz specially / physically challenged children, elderly, HIV infected people, and transgender through qualitative services.


General body meeting shall be conducted yearly in the month of September. The executive committee meetings are to be conducted as and when there is a need.


To organize CNE, Sponsorship for students & alumni

club members