• Learning Management system
  • ICMR sponsored conferences
  • Eminent Educationist as a leader with International recognition as Evaluator for Contextual projects
  • Vibrant faculty team with dedication
  • Innovative Teaching Learning methods Clinical Conferences,Concept Mapping, Fish Bone Technique.
  • Objectivised Evaluative methods which includes spotters..
  • Active creating Evidence Based Practice through self -funded and SBV funded department projects.
  • Well  identified Research Thrust Areas and focusing  our research activities to it.
  • Executing societal responsibility by rendering service to the community through awareness program, conducting survey etc, focusing on the target population round the year.
  • Periodic conduction of Clinical Meet,  bridging the gap between theory and practice and applying the knowledge while training the students.
  • Focusing on self development in the profession through publication in Indexed and Non Indexed Journals with high impact factor.
  • Keeping abreast with recent trends and development in Nursing Education, Practice and Research through conduction of conferences /CNE/paper presentations.
  • Meticulous training of students by skillful teaching faculty, in classroom & Clinical settings.
  • Organizing Value Added Lectures to keep abreast with advances in technology.