The objective of the committee is to ensure the quality and consistency in sports activity
as prescribed by the Institution and University guidelines.


  • Periodic conduct of meeting to enhance the sports skills of students.
  • Organize competitions such as indoor and outdoor games.
  •  Prepare the students to compete in the sports meet conducted in various colleges.
  •  Creating awareness among students to improve sports skills.
  •  Provide students with the excess treasure of practice.
  •  Kindle interest in sports and games among students.
  •  Utilize their leisure time in a very useful and fruitful way.
  •  Enhance and uplift the professional status.
  •  Provide the student’s lot of opportunities for sports activity.
  •  Identify students with sports skills.


  • Conducts periodical sports competitions for students.
  • Provided a platform for all students to improve their skill in sports and exhibit their talents.
  • Encourage enthusiastic students with good sports skills.
  • Provided opportunities to participate in various sports activities.
  • Prepare and encourage the talented students to participate in various competitions hosted in around the state.

Sports committee meeting schedule

  • The meeting will be held once in four months.

Decision Making Process of Sports Committee

  • Members discuss the various issues before arriving at a consensus decision.
  • Decisions will be taken only in meetings when a quorum is complete.
  • The final decision is taken by the president.

Communicating the decision of sports committee

  • Decisions are communicated by the member secretary to the students.

Follow-up procedures of activity

  • The annual action plan execution is monitored.
  • Periodic conduction of review meeting.

Documents maintained for Sports Committee are

  • Standard Operating Procedure of the sports committee.
  • Agenda of all meetings.
  • Minutes of all meetings with the signature of the Chairperson.
  • Documents (reports, circular, student enrollment) of sports events to date.
  • All correspondence letters and mail related to the sports committee activities.

Best practices

  • Facilitating students to participate in the Annual Conduct of Crescita.
  • To motivate the students of all batches to participate in all sports activities.
  • Preparing students for various sports competitions in the state.