CME and Workshop on Sleep Apnoeas cum Inaguration of Christian Guilleminault Centre for sleep diagnostics and research

Registration started as planned by the registration committee by 8.30 am. Total of 150 peoples attended the CME and workshop.

9.30 am Prof. King Herald Kisku, HOD pulmonary medicine of PIMS welcomed Prof. pajanivel R, HOD of Pulmonary medicine and chaired the session. Prof. Pajanivel R delivered the talk on “Sleep-disordered- A Scourging Epidemic and overview”. In the talk, he covered population affected, epidemiology, the definition of sleep apneas, how to identify and treatment modalities.

10 am Prof. Jeneth Berlin Raj, HOD Physiology, MGMCRI welcomed Prof. H. N. Mallick, Indian society for sleep research, professor, Dept. of Physiology, AIIMS, New Delhi and chaired the session. Prof. H. N. Mallick delivered the talk on “Sleep Physiology- From basics to bedside”. In the talk, he covered about sleep centre, various pathway, how sleep disorders discovered, stages of sleep, technology causing interruption of quality sleep and history of sleep medicine.

10.40 am Inauguration program commenced. Prof. Pajanivel HOD, Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine, MGMCRI welcomed Prof. Ravishankar, Dean, Prof. Nirmal Coumare, MS, Prof H N Mallik and the gatherings for the CME and delivered the welcome address. Following welcome address kuthuvillakku was lightened by Prof. Ravishankar, Prof. Nirmal coumare, Prof. H N Mallik, Dr N Ramakrishnan and Prof. Pajanivel and delivered Keynote address. Prof. Ravishankar, Prof. Nirmal coumare and Prof. H N Mallik inaugurated Christian Guilleminault centre for sleep diagnostics and research. Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Padmavathy Natarajan.

11.00 am Dr Murugesan. S, Asso. Prof & Consultant, Neuromedicine welcomed Dr Suresh Kumar, Director, Chennai Epilepsy and Sleep Disorders Center, Vijaya Helth Center and the session. Dr Suresh Kumar delivered the talk on ”Clinical spectrum Non-Obstructive Sleep Apnoeas”. He covered the topic in a very interesting case based approach with videos and explained the audience, cause of apneas not only involves below the larynx, but it has much more complicated course above larynx/ central also.

11.50 am Dr Vimal Raj R, Consultant Pulmonary Medicine, MGMCRI welcomed Dr N. Ramakrishnan N, Director- Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences, Chennai and chaired the session. Dr N. Ramakrishnan N delivered the talk on “Clinical Spectrum of Obstructive Sleep Apneas”. He enlightened most of the clinical aspects of obstructive sleep apnea in a very lucid manner.

12.30 pm Prof. Karthikeyan P, HOD ENT, MGMCRI welcomed Dr Vijayakrishnan P, Consultant ENT Surgeon, HOD, Snoring and Sleep disorders, Madras ENT research foundation, Chennai and Chaired the session. Dr Vijayakrishnan delivered the talk on “Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy when and How?”. He enlightened about the procedure, various pathologies in videos and treatment approach.

1.00 pm Prof. Yuvarajan S HOD Pulmonary medicine, SMVMCH, Puducherry welcomed Dr Satish N Clinical Specialist, ResMed and chaired the session. Dr Satish delivered the talk on “PAP therapy in OSA recent Advances” He addressed most of the current available PAP therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoeas.2.30 pm to 4.30 pm We conducted the workshop with 3 workstations on DISE, Hooking up for sleep study and Interpretation of PSG Report and NIV therapy. It was a quite interesting and interactive session.