Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI)

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY



Patient Care Services

  1. System of Feedback from MBBS students (both theory and clinical postings).
  2. Display of clinical photographs in the demonstration room as a mode of teaching for undergraduates and postgraduates.
  3. Regular use of needle destroyer to destroy the needles after use.
  4. Biological waste segregation.
  5. Provision of steroid cards to patients on long term systemic steroid therapy.
    e.g. 1) pemphigus group of diseases,  2) Patients in lepra reaction.
  6. Provision of methotrexate chart for patients on methotrexate for clinicians to be aware of the cumulative methotrexate dose.
  7. Administration of paracetamol and ranitidine tablets in OPD itself in a patient who is febrile (temperature > 100deg.F) while reporting to OPD.
  8. Administration of antihistamines to patients with urticaria without angioedema while reporting to OPD.
  9. Teaching self-administration of Insulin to the patients admitted to the DVL department who are diabetic.
  10. Providing sample medicines for poor patients attending the OPD.
  11. Providing clothing to poor patients coming for treatment to the Department (IP/OP).
  12. Charity box kept in the Department to buy medicines for the poor patients admitted to the Department.
  13. Notice board outside the Department with newspaper cuttings for health education of the public.
  14. Use of alcohol-based hand rubs emphasized and carried out by faculty & post-graduates in the OPD as a good hand hygiene practice.

Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation

  1. Optimal use of OHP, writing board & LCD s as teaching aids.
  2. Postgraduate students are made to repeat the inadequately prepared & improperly presented Topics.
  3. Regular evaluation of postgraduates activities being done since 2007.
  4. It is insisted that patients be referred to only by their names & not by their diseases.
  5. Pre & Post-test counseling in HIV being taught to postgraduate students & practiced by them.
  6. Monthly MRD visit being done for ICD classification of diseases.
  7. Use of Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs (ABHR) emphasized and carried out by faculty & postgraduate students in the OPD, as a good hand hygiene practice.
  8. OSCE (objective structured clinical evaluation) adapted inward leaving exams for UG students.
  9. Undergraduate students have taken forward rounds and clinical teaching is done inwards also.