Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI)

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY



Undergraduate Medical Training

Pathology Department takes part in the teaching of second year MBBS students as per the IMG norms by MCI.

  • We provide didactic lectures, brief practical sessions, small group discussions with adequate audiovisual aids, which enable a better understanding of concepts to the students.
  • We also provide an opportunity for interactive sessions to students like subject seminars, integrated teaching (horizontal and vertical) sessions in the form of extra care and attention.
  • We also take students to the department museum, show various mounted gross specimens and explain the pathological features on the specimens. 
  • Student enrichment activities are also done by our faculties by participating through Mentor-Mentee program, CREAMS – (For early clinical exposure), SNACS (Student needing extra curriculum support) and SNAPS (student needing extra attention for psychological support).
  • We have also started using LMS (Learning Management System) as a teaching resource and for receiving feedback from students and post study material for them. 
  • We also conduct Intra College quiz periodically every year to facilitate better learning platform for the students.
  • Special lab postings in haematology, histopathology and cytology are allotted weekly for each batch so that students will have an idea about the workflow in the respective subsections.
  • Problem-based learning chart sessions are also conducted in the form of case discussions to improve application skills of the students.
  • A wall magazine has been started by the faculties, where puzzles and brain-teasing questions are been posted every month related to the topics covered in the month and many students take part actively. Prizes are distributed to the winners.

Post Graduate Medical Training

  • Three years MD Pathology programme is offered to the postgraduate students, where intense training is provided so that students come out with flying colours.
    Postings for postgraduates, from induction to regular rotational postings are allocated. They are posted in sections like Histopathology, Cytology, Hematology& Clinical Pathology and Blood bank.
  • Postgraduate students are taught to screen the routine histopathology, cytology slides, peripheral smear and bone marrow aspiration slides. They are also exposed to the grossing techniques on various surgical specimens and performing non-guided and guided fine needle aspiration techniques under supervision.
  • Besides, routine daily activities, postgraduate teaching like small topic discussions, seminars, journal club presentations, gross and slide discussions are conducted periodically. Theory formative assessment and end posting tests are also conducted and constructive feedback is provided for further improvement.
  • Regular clinicopathological meets, tumour board meets are also conducted to enrich clinical knowledge and for better interdisciplinary correlation and relationships.
  • E-portfolios, in the form of a daily log, are being maintained by the postgraduate students, which add to the uniqueness of this institute, where the postgraduates update their teaching and regular academic activities. They are further monitored by the faculty and constructive comments are given for improvement to the students.
  • Postgraduate research is pursued in the form of dissertations, under the guidance of senior faculties.
  • Students are encouraged to do Posters and oral presentation in either National or international CME or Conferences and also in the SAF(Scientific Academic Forum). Further, they are encouraged to publish their research work in indexed journals.

Undergraduate Dental Training

  • We teach undergraduate dental students in the form of lectures, practical sessions, micro-teaching using audiovisual aids.
  • We also provide an opportunity for interactive sessions to students like subject seminars.
  • We also take students to the department museum, show various gross specimens and explain the pathological features on the specimens.

Postgraduate Dental Training

  • The MDS candidates in the stream of Oral Pathology regularly posted for slide discussions and technical training as well as for academic sessions.

Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

  • We also train the nursing and allied health science students about the basic concepts of pathology, moulding them to become better health care professionals in future.
  • Second year students in the stream of AHS are posted for pathology training.


We welcome research candidates to do their research with the expert guidance of our eminent faculty who has vast knowledge and experience. By the end of the programme, the scholars will have acquired skills, experience and knowledge to undertake research or teaching.


Medicine, Allied Health Sciences
Seats as per the University Norms
The PhD program aims at nurturing the research talents of the scholars guided by well experienced and talented research Supervisors.



3 Seats / Year
The MD pathology course trains the residents in handling and processing histopathology, clinical pathology, microbiology, biochemistry and transfusion medicine samples with a knowledge of general principles and methodology.



250 Seats / Year
We provide an undergraduate course that is unique and in-line with all the governing principles, for producing capable and competent doctors, well oriented with community, national and global health needs. A solid foundation is laid to promote excellence from each student, and to decipher their interests to become the best version of responsible physicians.