Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI)

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY



There is “no health without mental health” (World Health Organization). Mental health is the bedrock of global well-being.

The Department of Psychiatry, MGMCRI, is functioning since August 2001. The Department of Psychiatry is a large, integrated complex with adjoining outpatient and in-patient facilities. The department is located in Block-H of the main hospital building, on the ground floor (H-0), at numbers 25 & 26.

The department provides safe, ethical & evidence-based mental health care with compassion & dedication. We have a team of well-qualified psychiatrists, psychologists & a social worker, to facilitate the implementation of a biopsychosocial model for assessment & treatment. The department has a 30-bedded ward, manned by nurses experienced in the delivery of mental health care. We constantly strive towards the enhancement of patient care & safety through continuous quality improvement initiatives.

Comprehensive treatment is provided for a variety of common mental disorders, including mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, substance-related disorders, adjustment disorders, etc. Modified electroconvulsive therapy is administered, when indicated, in accordance with standard practice guidelines. We provide consultation-liaison psychiatry services, de-addiction services, child psychiatry & geriatric psychiatry services. We have routine Clinical Psychology services (diagnostics, therapy, teaching). We conduct a Substance Use Disorders Clinic weekly, every Wednesday, 10 AM to 12 noon. We also conduct a Child Guidance Clinic (in collaboration with Paediatrics), daily 11 AM to 1 PM. This is a subunit of the Multi-Disciplinary Neurodevelopmental Clinic).

Our department plays a key role in salutogenesis & well-being services for undergraduate & postgraduate students at our university. We strive to implement strategies to enhance mental health literacy, destigmatize mental illness & facilitate help-seeking. We regularly conduct outreach & mental health awareness programs in the regional language. In addition, our department conducts student mental health programs at schools.

We provide Psychiatry training for MBBS students at various stages of their course. We conduct postgraduate training for MD Psychiatry residents. The Department of Psychiatry plays an active role in the psychiatric training of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students. In addition, we provide short term training to postgraduate residents from other medical specialties such as Dermatology & General Medicine. Students of social work & psychology from other universities are posted in our department for short-term training. We also conduct lectures for the students of the Centre for Music Therapy Education & Research (CMTER), SBV.

All faculty of the department engage in regular activities pertaining to continuing professional development in order to maintain their knowledge and skills related to psychiatric practice, education & research methodology. These activities include paper presentations, participation in conferences & workshops, etc. The department is involved in a variety of research activities, including faculty research, PG dissertations, Ph.D. thesis, ICMR-STS projects, etc.

The department makes optimal use of contemporary information technology to enhance the quality of all the clinical, academic & administrative activities of the department. The department routinely uses a web-based / online calendar to schedule & manage departmental academic programs & administrative events. We use online task management & collaboration software to facilitate our functioning as a team. We also have an online data repository to facilitate departmental information management & governance.


  • ​To provide high quality, culturally appropriate, ethical and integrated mental health care with compassion and dedication.
  • To provide comprehensive community psychiatry services; to support and organize activities related to the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illness.
  • To provide outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate psychiatric education.
  • To conduct rational, ethical, scientific and relevant research in the fields of mental health and Psychiatry.


  • To foster mental health advocacy.
  • To provide practice-based comprehensive learning for our medical professionals, so that they achieve excellence in all competency areas.
  • Identifying areas where additional knowledge is needed(or can be created) and which can result in better patient care through research
  • To develop specialties based practice
  • To expand the community-based services to serve the poor and needy
  • Actively participate in all national programs to achieve health for all. 

Key feature

  • Integrated complex with adjoining OP and IP facilities.
  • Comprehensive mental health care services for a variety of mental disorders.
  • A team of well-qualified psychiatrists, psychologists & a social worker, to facilitate the implementation of a biopsychosocial model for assessment & treatment.
  • Inpatient ward equipped with ample number of beds manned by nurses experienced in the delivery of mental health care.
  • Electroconvulsive therapy facility.
  • Mental health literacy & outreach initiatives.
  • Psychiatry training for MBBS students & MD Psychiatry students.
  • Short term mental health training for extra-departmental & extramural students from various disciplines.
  • Communication skills training program for students.
  • A vital contribution to programs concerning student well-being & salutogenesis.
  • Involvement in a variety of research activities: Faculty research, PG dissertations, Ph.D. thesis, ICMR-STS projects, etc.
  • Continuous quality improvement initiatives.
  • IT best practices for enhanced productivity: Web-based / online calendar & data repository & online task management / collaboration software.