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School of Allied Health Sciences

School of Allied Health Sciences

A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)

Accredited by NAAC with highest A++ Grade

Ranked 77 among Universities by NIRF 2023

A UGC Category 1 Higher Education Institution

Accredited by


Nirf 2023 among universities

77 Rank

Internship Program

B.Sc. Optometry

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences-B.Sc. Optometry Internship students (2017 Batch) have gone for External Internship postings from March 2021 to March 2022 for a period of one year, for various specialties approach and Advanced Instrumentation exposure in the field of Optometry.


B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology & B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences -B.Sc. Anaesthesia technology & B.Sc. Operation theatre technology Internship students (2017 Batch) posted in Covid Intensive care units, Covid ward –D3, D4, C4 and High dependency units -AO ward for providing high quality patient care and monitoring the critically ill or unstable patient .

Infection Control Training session for B.Sc. Anesthesia technology & B.Sc. Operation theatre technology Internship students (2017 Batch) organized by – Mrs.Savathiri – Infection control nurse in charge , Mr.Sathishkumar, AHS – Tutor in Anaesthesia Technologyat  D1 OTfrom 03.05.2021 to 08.05.2021.

Oxygen Therapy – training session for B.Sc. Anesthesia technology & B.Sc. Operation theatre technology Internship students (2017 Batch) Organized by Dr.Sripriya, Professor, Dept. of Anaesthesiology, Dr.Antony John Charles .S, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Anaesthesiology, Mr.Sathishkumar,  – Tutor in Anaesthesia technology at D1 OT on 05.05.2021.

Our interns are daily updating the oxygen consumption statistics from all critical care units and COVID wards – for minimizing the oxygen wastage in all wards and critical care units. Delivering high quality patient care and counseling to COVID patients. Assisting anesthesiologist during Cannulation, Airway Management, Positioning, Monitoring, Drug Administration and Emergency Resuscitation.

B.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology

In diagnostic radiography modality our B.Sc. MIT Interns are well trained to take all basic views and learning special views. They also trained to take portablex rays in Emergency Department, ICU, MICU, NICU, etc. on one’s own. Now adays, they are going to COVID ward to take Portable Chest x rays for COVID patients with all safety protocols. They also learn to take fluoroscopy procedures.

Computed Tomography

B.Sc. MIT Interns are learn to take routine cases like brain, thorax, abdomen, KUB, extremities and contrast cases and also angiogram cases. Now in this pandemic situation, they are taking High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) thorax for the COVID positive and suspected patients with the guidance of technician. They are doing the COVID cases with all the safety protocols by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit, face shield, N95 mask and gloves.

Dental Radiography

B.Sc. MIT Interns are posted in IGIDS (Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences) for one month during course period. In Internship period they are well trained in taking IOPA (Intra Oral Periapical radiography) and OPG (Orthopantamogram).

Ultrasonography (USG)

B.Sc. MIT Interns are doing the patient positioning and write the reports of scanning parts of abdomen & pelvis, KUB, breast, Doppler, ANC scan and growth scan with the help of Radiologists. They also well trained for accessing Interventional Procedures like biopsy, FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) with Radiologists.

B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology

B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology interns are posted in Microbiology, receive the samples and perform the preliminary tests and process the samples. Perform antimicrobial susceptibility test under the supervision of the technicians. In the serology section, processing and testing specimens (ICTC TEST) per appropriate techniques and clinical protocols & entering the report in AOSTA. In parasitology, handling and processing of stool samples (wet mount preparation).

In Biochemistry lab, interns are posted and receiving and collecting samples,processing the blood and urine sample according to the clinical protocol. They are handling automatic analyser such as Cobas e411 analyzer for analysis of TSH, T3, T4,BETA HCG etc. ABG analyzer for blood gas analysis, electrolyte analyser for Na, K, Cl analysis, Mini vidas for Troponin, D Dimer analysis etc. and handling lab equipment’s such as centrifuge, microscope etc.

B.Sc. Cardiac Care Technology

B.Sc. Cardiac Care Technology Internship students (2017 Batch) posted in Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Cardiology OPD, Cardiology ward – CTVS ICU for providing high quality patient care and monitoring the critically ill or unstable patient. Monitoring the patient’s hemodynamic, C- arm movement, Post-procedure care, checking the stocks of Cath lab material, Feeding the patients history and details in computer and preparing the report after the procedure were duties carried out by them. They were able to witness and learn the techniques for cases like BMV, Peripheral cases and also Pacemaker implantation procedures.


Interns were posted in ECG and TMT and the ECG tests are done by the Interns for the patients and TMT tests were performed only under the instructions given by the technician. They acquired knowledge on how to notice the abnormality in the TMT and gained experience on managing the patient if he/she develops sudden chest pain while performing the test and becomes unconscious. They were trained to take ECG with magnet for patients who are in follow up after Permanent Pacemaker Implantation and to take ECG for MI patients (especially right side and posterior lead ECG).


Interns were posted in CTVS – ICU including day and shift duties for 24 hours continuous patient care. High quality patient care was given to the cardiac patients and monitoring the patients hemodynamic posts any procedure. They were of great help to the staffs. They observed and learnt to handle cardiac emergency situations and the drugs that are given during such time.

B.Sc. Physician Assistant

Interns were trained in OPD & Ward History collection, wound dressings, Suture removal, Giving investigation orders, Prescribing medication under Surgeon guidance, Case sheet writing, Following investigation reports and entering the biochemical values and their interpretation, Vacuum Assisted Closure dressing, Doing blood transfusion, Urinary catheterization and its care, Preparing patient for the Surgery by giving pre-operative medication and investigation orders, Giving Counselling regarding Surgical procedure and post-operative complications, Post-operative wound management and care, Preparing Discharge summary. In Operation Theatre room -Checking required things for the surgery, observing the surgery.

One student posted in the OBG department and she performed well in the duties mentioned below Taking PAP smear, Position the patient prior to the examination, Writing scan report as per doctor’s order, Rising medication and investigation, Checking height and weight, Checking Blood pressure to the patient.

One Intern posted in the Paediatrics Department and the responsibilities he performed are History collection, Immunization, Assessing the examinations, In PICU, monitoring vitals, collecting samples & investigation & follow-up. One Intern posted in the Emergency Medicine & Casualty and the responsibilities are Taking CBG, Injecting injection, Securing IV line, monitoring the patients, Assist for urine catheterization, dressing, examination