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Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), puducherry

Regional Small Animal Research Facility for Preclinical Studies and Services Established under the joint initiative of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth

Annual Programme on Laboratory Animal Experimentation for Researchers

Animals have widely been used through the history of biomedical research. Use of laboratory animals in biomedical research in the last 100 years has facilitated many ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in humans as well as in animals. Along with the evolution of biomedical research, science and ethics related to the use of animals have also evolved. This programme is designed to meet the quality standards in animal study design and execution addressed to individuals carrying out and responsible for directing animal experiments and impart training to the scientists involved in using the laboratory animals for research in this region. This training programme is intended to provide the foundation for responsible use and handling of laboratory animals, study designing, sample collection, data analysis and achievement of high scientific standards and enable the scientists to be fully competent to design and execute animal work independently. This training programme will also throw light on the currently available animal alternatives to reduce animal testing. Based on this training the attendees will be able to gain confidence in designing and conducting animal experiments on their own in a holistic manner.

Last Training Dates: February 2, 2017; November 28, 2018

Next Training Date: July 19, 2019

Total number of students and faculty trained till date under this programme: 291

Student Research Training/Internship


Under Nipuna’s Biomedical Research Skill Development Programme, students starting from undergraduates, from SBV or other institutions are fostered to enrich their research skill aptitude on advanced instrumentation training.  This involves one-day orientation to a defined short period of training customized to the needs of the student.
CAReTS have created the Nipuna platform to engage student internship and dissertation assistance to students at Masters level.

The following institutions are the beneficiaries of this initiative