Types of Services provided so far with beneficiaries and institutions

  1. Small animal Histopathology Services – Department of Biotechnology, Pondicherry University
  2. Nanomaterial Hemocompatibility Services – Department of Physics, Pondicherry University
  3. SNP analysis PCR Services – ICMR Student Research Project, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Puducherry
  4. Viral load Real-Time PCR Services – NPDF Research Project, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Puducherry
  5. PCR Methodology, budgeting consultation services – PG dissertation, Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, Puducherry
  6. Histopathology Services  – PhD Thesis, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
  7. Zebra Fish histopathology Services – PhD Thesis, Annamalai University, Chidambaram
  8. Nanomaterial Cell Culture Services  – St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, Cuddalore
  9. Plant Histopathology Services – Department of Biotechnology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry
  10. Haematology Services  – Department of Biotechnology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry
  11. Immunohistochemistry Services  – PhD Thesis, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
  12. Immunohistochemistry Services – JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysuru
  13. MTT assay Services – PhD Thesis, CIDRF, Puducherry
  14. Nucleic acid quantization Services – PhD Thesis, CIDRF, Puducherry
  15. Analytical Services – PG dissertation, Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, Puducherry
  16. Sample Freeze Storage Services – Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Puducherry
  17. RT PCR Services – PhD Thesis, CIDRF, Puducherry

Research / Testing models available

  1. In vitro stem cell model system for osteoblastogenesis
  2. In vitro stem cell model system for osteoclastogenesis
  3. In vitro stem cell model system for adipogenesis
  4. In vivo genetic toxicity testing using Micronucleus assay
  5. The diet-induced hyperlipidemic animal model system
  6. Acute oral toxicity testing in the rat model system
  7. In vivo anti-inflammatory study animal model
  8. In vitro biocompatibility and toxicity testing
  9. Wound healing assay in the rat model system
  10. In Vitro bacterial reverse mutation assay
  11. In vivo anti-arthritic study animal model
  12. In vitro cell toxicity using MTT assay
  13. In vitro cancer stem cell model
  14. In vitro cell clonogenic assay
  15. In vivo estrus cycle assessment in female Wistar rat  
  16. In vivo PCOS induction model
  17. In vivo Subacute oral toxicity study
  18. In vivo bioimaging of Candida albicans with a near-infrared dye
  19. In vitro model for peripheral blood mononuclear cells
  20. Green synthesis nanoparticle and testing
  21. In vivo granuloma study animal model

SOPs available: 103 list the names of sops

S.No. Facility No. of SOP
1 Microscopy and imaging 8
2 Microbiology and genetic toxicology facility 7
3 Clinical Chemistry facility 22
4 Cell Culture Facility 17
5 Small Animal Facility 11
6 Molecular Biology Facility 35
7 Pathology Facility 10
8 Genetic toxicology facility 1
  Total 111
S.NoFacilitySOP  NoSOP Title
1Microscopy and imagingCAReTS/MIM/E001Operation and maintenance of LI- COR Odyssey Fc
2 CAReTS/MIM/E002Operation and maintenance of LI- COR Pearl Trilogy
3 CAReTS/MIM/P001Earthworm imaging
4 CAReTS/MIM/P002Egg imaging
5 CAReTS/MIM/P003Chick imaging
6 CAReTS/MIM/P004Imaging of marine extracts
7 CAReTS/MIM/P005Imaging of leaves
8 CAReTS/MIM/E003Operation and Maintenance of EZ Anesthesia system 
9Microbiology facilityCAReTS/MGT/P001Bacterial Aggregation assay
10 CAReTS/MGT/P002In Vivo Mammalian micronucleus assay- Validation study
11 CAReTS/MGT/P003Bacterial Biofilm assay
12 CAReTS/MGT/P004MTT assay
13 CAReTS/MGT/P005Demineralisation assay
14 CAReTS/MGT/P007C.elegans medium preparation
15 CAReTS/MGT/P008Microbial DNA isolation of fecal samples
16Genetic Toxicology facilityCAReTS/MGT/P006AMES
17Clinical Chemistry FacilityCAReTS/CCH/E001Operation and maintenance of Automated Clinical Biochemistry analyser Sysmex- BX 3010
18 CAReTS/CCH/E002Operation and maintenance of Mindray BC-5000 Vet Auto Hematology Analyser
19 CAReTS/CCH/MBCP001Sample collection and protocol for whole blood
20 CAReTS/CCH/E003Operation and maintenance of Arkray Aution eleven AE-4020 Semi- Automatic Urine Analyzer
21 CAReTS/CCH/E004Operation and maintenance of Cold storage system
22 CAReTS/CCH/BARP1Preparation of Sysmex -3010X reagents for Automated Biochemical Clinical Analyzer
23 CAReTS/CCH/AA11P01Sample collection for Urine and protocol for loading
24 CAReTS/CCH/P004Evaluation of hemocompatibility of synthetic nanomaterial
25 CAReTS/CCH/M001Biochemistry Analyser Sysmex-301 Maintenance
26 CAReTS/CCH/M002Mindray BC-5000 Vet Hematology Analyser Maintenance
27 CAReTS/LAB/E001Operation and maintaining of Hot air Oven
28 CAReTS/LAB/E002Operation and maintenance of Eutech Cyber Scan 1100 pH meter
29 CAReTS/LAB/E003Operation and maintenance of Autoclave
30 CAReTS/CCH/M003Urine Analyzer Maintenance
31 CAReTS/LAB/ASE001Cell culture material sterilization
32 CAReTS/LAB/ASE002Microbiology medium and material sterilization
33 CAReTS/LAB/ASE003Microbiology decontamination
34 CAReTS/LAB/E004Operation and maintenance of Magnetic stirrer
35 CAReTS/LAB/E005Operation and maintenance of vortex mixer
36 CAReTS/LAB/E006Operation and maintenance of weighing balance
37 CAReTS/LAB/E007Operation and maintenance of gas supply
38 CAReTS/LAB/ASE003Microbiology Media Preparation
39Cell Culture FacilityCAReTS/CCF/E001Operation and maintenance of CO2 Incubator 230AI
40 CAReTS/CCF/E002Operation and maintenance of CO2 incubator 160I
41 CAReTS/CCF/E003Operation and maintenance of Axiom Biosafety Cabinet
42 CAReTS/CCF/E004Operation and maintenance of Safezone Biosafety cabinet
43 CAReTS/CCF/E005Operation and maintenance of EVOS® FL Auto 2 Imaging
44 CAReTS/CCF/P001Washing and Sterilization of Cell culturewares
45 CAReTS/CCF/P002Preparation and sterilization of Cell culture Media
46 CAReTS/CCF/P003Passaging /Splitting Adherent Cells
47 CAReTS/CCF/P004Cyropreserving Animal Cells
48 CAReTS/CCF/P005Reviving Cryopreserved Cells in Liquid nitrogen
49 CAReTS/CCF/P006Cell counting Using Hemocytometer
50 CAReTS/CCF/P007MTT Cell Proliferation assay
51 CAReTS/CCF/P008Practice in cell culture
52 CAReTS/CCF/P008Acridine Orange/Ethidium bromide staining assay
53 CAReTS/CCF/P010Grafting of human tumor cells on chick embryo
54 CAReTS/CCF/P011Preparation of 70% ethanol
55 CAReTS/CCF/P012Preparation of chromic acid for glass wash
56Small Animal FacilityCAReTS/SAF/F001Operation of Individually Ventilated cage
57 CAReTS/SAF/F002Operation and maintenance of Small animal cage change station
58 CAReTS/SAF/P001Maintenance of animal and housing
59 CAReTS/SAF/P002Feeding
60 CAReTS/SAF/P003Necropsy
61 CAReTS/SAF/P004Decontamination
62 CAReTS/SAF/F008Restraining of Laboratory Animals
63 CAReTS/SAF/F009Determination of sex
64 CAReTS/SAF/F010Operation of Euthanasia chamber
65 CAReTS/SAF/P001Application of Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) wight & Arn Leaf extract in Wound Healing
66 CAReTS/SAF/P002Estrus Cycle
67Molecular Biology FacilityCAReTS/MBY/E001Operation and maintenance of Multiscan GO Microplate Spectrophotometer
68 CAReTS/MBY/E002Operation and maintenance of Qiagen QIA cube
69 CAReTS/MBY/P001Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) –Manual method
70 CAReTS/MBY/P002DPPH- Free Radical scavenging activity
71 CAReTS/MBY/P003DNA/RNA quantification
72 CAReTS/MBY/P004ELISA assay
73 CAReTS/MBY/P005Estimation of Catalase 
74 CAReTS/MBY/P006Estimation of SOD
75 CAReTS/MBY/P007Estimation of GSH 
76 CAReTS/MBY/P008Estimation of TBARS
77 CAReTS/MBY/P009Estimation of Catalase 
78 CAReTS/MBY/P010Isolation of DNA from fecal sample
79 CAReTS/MBY/P011Isolation of RNA from tissue sample using Rnase mini kit  
80 CAReTS/MBY/P012Isolation of RNA from tissue sample using phenol chloroform 
81 CAReTS/MBY/P013Extraction and Purification of DNA from Buccal swab 
82 CAReTS/MBY/P014Isolation of DNA from Bacterial 
83 CAReTS/MBY/P015Extraction and Purification of DNA from Buccal epithelial cells 
84 CAReTS/MBY/P016Transfer of Blot-Semi Dry
85 CAReTS/MBY/P017Transfer of Blot-wet
86 CAReTS/MBY/P018Westernblotting
87 CAReTS/MBY/P019Gel and membrane quantification
88 CAReTS/MBY/E003Operation and maintenance of mini transblot
89 CAReTS/MBY/E004Operation and Maintenance of vertical Gel caster
90 CAReTS/MBY/E005Operation and Maintenance of vertical gel electrophoresis
91 CAReTS/MBY/E006Operation and Maintenance of rocker
92 CAReTS/MBY/E007Operation and Maintenance of mini centrifuge
93 CAReTS/MBY/P019GEL Staining–coomassie brilliant blue and destaing method
94 CAReTS/MBY/E008Operation and Maintenance of Rotor Q Gene
95 CAReTS/MBY/E001Operation and maintenance of Multiscan GO Microplate Spectrophotometer
96 CAReTS/MBY/E002Operation and maintenance of Qiagen QIA cube
97 CAReTS/MBY/P001Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) –Manual method
98 CAReTS/MBY/P002DPPH- Free Radical scavenging activity
99 CAReTS/MBY/P003DNA/RNA quantification
100 CAReTS/MBY/P004ELISA assay
101Pathology FacilityCAReTS/PAT/E001Operation and maintenance of Automated Tissue Processor
102 CAReTS/PAT/E002Operation and maintenance of Tissue Embedding System
103 CAReTS/PAT/E003Operation and maintenance of Manual Rotary Microtome
104 CAReTS/PAT/P001Hematoxylin And Eosin Staining
105 CAReTS/PAT/P002Decalcification of Bone
106 CAReTS/PAT/P003Periodic acid-Schiff’s (PAS) staining
107 CAReTS/PAT/P004Masson’s Trichrome Staining
108 CAReTS/PAT/P005Giemsa’s Stain for Micronuclei identification from bone marrow
109 CAReTS/PAT/E004Operation and Maintenance of Tissue Flotation Bath