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A Center of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), puducherry

Regional Small Animal Research Facility for Preclinical Studies and Services Established under the joint initiative of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth


CAReTS’ is actively involved in organizing several training programmes in preclinical toxicology, small animal research, biomedical research, and clinical science for biomedical scientists, clinicians, research scholars, and students. This skill development-oriented training (a concept promoted by Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt of India) is envisaged to strengthen the qualifications of certified individuals and ensure adequate education and training in each field of specialty. The training will involve practical supervised sessions, faculty-driven practice-based learning, handouts, power point presentations and other teaching methods to impart training. The proposed training courses intend to impart in-depth knowledge and relevant skills on modern biological techniques pertaining to biomedical research. These courses are designed to develop a skilled workforce for assisting clinical, medical researchers and scientists involved or interested in human health research.

Nipuna – Biomedical Research Skill Development Programme

“Nipuna” (Sanskrit – meaning skilled) is the operational name of the “Biomedical Research Skill Development Programme” under the Training Core of CAReTS, Puducherry.   CAReTS’ Nipuna aims at developing skilled manpower development in transdisciplinary technology and research relevant to the healthcare industry. Nipuna adopts a credit-based system of learning to offer inter-linked modules teaching, practical, project, and portfolio-based learning opportunity.  The practical module of this Biomedical Research Skill Development Programme is strategically planned with hands-on training with dates adjusted to fit the academic calendar. Participants can bank the credits earned in each module towards various levels of Certifications such as Short-term course, Certificate course, Diploma course, PG Diploma course etc.  This enhances the skill and employability and entrepreneurship of the student and faculty. Nipuna is open to all medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, AYUSH, allied health sciences, paramedical, life science students, faculty, research scholars and others in the healthcare industry.