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Sanjeevita 2013 Current Concepts in Integrative Medicine

Sanjeevita 2013: Current Concepts in Integrative Medicine

With the growing interest in health conscience and increasing demand for preventive and patient-centered care, it is important for future healthcare professionals to be aware of effective and safe integrative approaches in healing, wellness, and longevity. Promoting evidence-based research and clinical practice in personalized health care, Central Inter-Disciplinary Research Facility (CIDRF) in collaboration with Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth organized the first Annual Summit, Sanjeevita 2013, to influence the diversity of translational research methods, clinical practice and encourage integrative medicine in modern healthcare. Sanjeevita (meaning ‘to rejuvenate’) 2013 focused on “Current Concepts in Integrative Medicine” with a central theme, Rejuvenation. Sanjeevita 2013 offered a unique opportunity to brainstorm strategies and latest developments from leaders with a vision to translate discoveries relevant to the public. These leaders discussed the latest developments in research from discovery to validation to clinical issues. The summit sought:

      • To highlight new, ongoing and completed translational research by the diversity of partners in India and elsewhere.
      • To highlight the expanding knowledge in personalized healthcare delivery by exploring a variety of aspects of advances in integrative medicine, research methods, collaborative opportunities, clinical, marketing resources and financial issues.
      • To discuss methodological issues in evidence-based integrative medicine.
      • To explore diverse and innovative ways of translating research into the commercializable package.
    • To bring together policy makers, organizations, researchers, clinicians and service providers in the area of modern medicine to AYUSH, with a view to networking and shared learning.

To enhance the visibility of active partnership between modern medicine and AYUSH in promoting personalized healthcare.

The objectives of this summit were to provide attendees with: A multidisciplinary exchange of information between internationally recognized leading experts, on the challenges facing Integrative Medicine, educate prospective and active students, researchers, clinicians and scholars to create a platform for the strategic partnership. Specific Panel Discussion on leveraging strengths of clinical practice in modern medicine to various types of AYUSH healthcare methods helped the participants to understand, and acknowledge the existing opportunities in-hand to quench the human quest for better health and longevity.