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Music and Movement Program during Pediatric Immunizations

A very novel event was organized at the Department of Pediatrics OPD on 17.09.2014 for infants undergoing immunizations by injections. To minimize pain perception during vaccination which could subsequently also can help to reduce distress and prevent needle fears and immunization avoidance behaviors, music therapy services were provided as a source of distraction and active focus of attention to positively affect the distress levels and pain perception of the children during immunization injection procedures and the responses recorded from the caretakers, doctors administering the immunization procedures were positive that the live singing and playing instruments as music therapy interventions reduced pain perception and distress levels during injection immunization procedures. Nearly 50 infants receiving immunization injections participated in the event on this day. Priyanka Dixit, Lecturer and Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, Tutor administered live singing interventions and Stephen Sathiamoorthy, the internship trainee played keyboard to the infants and made the event very successful.