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World Music Day was celebrated by CMTER, SBV on 21/ 6 /2019 at Padma Seshadri Bala Bahavan Millennium School, Cuddalore branch. The event with the theme “Music for Health” was attended by around 450 students and all the faculty of the School.  Prof. S C Parija, Hon. Vice-Chancellor, SBV inaugurated the event and spoke on how Music is much more than merely an entertainment and it is an integral part of lives and is an important lifestyle today.  Music is all-pervasive in all walks of our lives, makes us happy, improves our moods, helps express our feelings and emotions, relaxes us, relieves stress and more importantly for the students, strengthen learning and their memory. He mentioned that global research on the effect of music on health has provided insight into the conceptual framework for music, health and wellbeing and Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth has been engaging in state of the art research activities on the health implications of music from CMTER, which engaged in creating an evidence-based interface between the biomedical sciences and the biopsychosocial sciences with music therapy.  A commemorative song for World Music Day was composed and sang by the faculty and students of CMTER. The PSBB students were awarded for best performances in music.

Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Director, CMTER spoke on how singing, listening, playing of musical instruments and chanting can be a multi-sensory experience engaging the brain in a motor framework and also makes changes in different parts of the brain and also connects these regions of the brain. The ability to tap emotions and the reward centers of the brain coupled with the ability to influence the cognition makes use of music in medical, rehabilitation and also the education settings as therapy and in therapy. She elaborated on how music can improve the concentration and focus of school students, enhance their memory and also reduce their examination related anxiety. There were examples given on how music can distress students in their day to day life activities, make them active, energetic, sleep better, reduce their anxiety and improve their attention span.