Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research

A Center of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth , puducherry


CYTER is focusing on building research based, empirical evidence for the practice of Yoga and Yoga Therapy and to this extent has completed 22 research projects while another 10 projects are ongoing. Currently, the inter-disciplinary studies are focusing on psycho physiological effects in geriatrics, cardio-respiratory physiology, general medicine, pulmonology, nursing, dental applications, ENT disorders, ophthalmology, dermatology , obstetrics & gynecology as well as special interest groups including children with special needs, the aging population and the transgender community. 


  1. Bhavanani AB. Differential effects of uninostril and alternate nostril pranayamas on cardiovascular parameters and reaction time  2014.
  2. Bhavanani AB. The comparative immediate effect of different yoga asanas on heart rate and blood pressure in healthy young volunteers  2014.
  3. Bhavanani AB. The immediate effect of suryanamaskar on reaction time and heart rate in female volunteers 2014.
  4. Vasanthan S, Madanmohan T, Bhavanani AB, Hanifah M. A comparative study of the effect of yogic relaxing asanas and pranayamas on HRV and perceived stress in healthy young volunteers  2015.
  5. Ramanathan M. Effect of 12-weeks of yoga training on cardiorespiratory, neurological and psychological parameters in a geriatric population  2016.
  6. Srikanth K, Bhavanani AB. Intraocular pressure variations in forwarding bending yoga postures  2016.
  7. Thirusanghu S. A study to assess the effectiveness of pranayama on the level of depression among the transgender  2016.
  8. Ramanathan M, Bhavanani AB, Madanmohan. Effect of 4 wks yoga training on cardio-respiratory, neurological, haemato-logical & psychological parameters in nursing students  2016.
  9. Dutta A, Siva Green, Bhavanani AB. Assessment of fasting lipid profile in chronic kidney disease and the effect of yoga therapy  2016.
  10. AishwaryaSree GV, Madanmohan. Immediate Effects of Different types of Pranayams on Auditory and Visual Reaction Times  2016.
  11. Abhishek K, Satvinder Singh Bakshi, Bhavanani AB. The Efficacy of Bhramari Pranayama in Relieving Symptoms of Chronic Rhinosinusitis – A Randomized Study  2016.
  12. Raghul S, Vasanthan S, Bhavanani AB. Effect of overnight sleep deprivation on Autonomic Function Test and Perceived Stress in young healthy volunteers  2016.
  13. Artchoudane S, Bhavanani AB, Meena Ramanathan, Pajanivel R. Effect of a comprehensive yoga therapy module on the pulmonary function and quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 2017.
  14. Balaji R, Bhavanani AB, Meena Ramanathan, Pajanivel, R, Karthik Balachander. A study of the effectiveness of adjuvant yoga therapy in diabetic lung  2017.
  15. SamayAjmera, Sumathy Sundar, Amirtha Ganesh, Bhavanani AB, Dayanidy G. A Comparative Study of the Effect of Music and combination of Music and Yoga interventions on physiological and psychological parameters in patients posted for the angiogram  2017.
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  18. Suriyakumar, Eswaran, BhavananiAB, Sukanto Sarkar, Sivaprakash B. The effect of adjunctive yoga therapy in depressive disorders: a randomised study  2018.
  19. Eswari R, Prathima GS, Sanguida A, Ramanathan M. Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of tooth brushing training methods with or without yoga as an adjuvant in children with an autism spectrum disorder  2018
  20. Deepika K, Prabavathy S, Meena Ramanathan. Effectiveness of selected limbs of Ashtanga yoga on self-esteem and depression among male inmates in central prison, kalapet at pondicherry.
  21. Kiaan Gupta, Bhavanani AB, Meena Ramanathan, Sukanto Sarkar. Effect of adjuvant yoga therapy on psychological parameters in participants of an alcohol de-addiction program
  22. Balaji R, Bhavanani AB, Meena Ramanathan, Sukanto Sarkar. Role of yoga as an adjuvant training in management of craving, anxiety & stress in patients with alcohol dependency syndrome: RCT