APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024



Higher education is appropriately regarded as the portal to economic independence, social equity and opportunities for career women in India. Ever since the last two decades, Indian women have been playing a key role in Knowledge dissemination, Governance and that is vividly envisaged in the broad policies of the Government of India. 

The Indian Government has introduced several cardinal policies synonymous with gender equity.  Besides, higher education for women in India has witnessed a historic and impressive growth over the years. 

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV) has taken complete cognizance of these facts and set an excellent example to higher education institutions in the country by promulgating Women’s Empowerment in the frontiers of Academics, Research, Patient care, Research, and Administration.

Top Women Officials at SBV

Mrs. Asha Suresh Babu General Manager (Admin), SBV
PROF. CAROUNANIDY USHA Director - Accreditation, SBV
PROF. S. SOWMYA HOD-Pathology, MGMCRI & Chairperson-SBV Women's Cell
PROF. S. PADMAVATHI Vice Principal (Students), MGMCRI
Dr. R. Sobana Jaiganesh Deputy Director MSC
Prof. S. Sumathi HOD, Biochemistry, MGMCRI
Dr. Swati Jayant Pawar Deputy Medical Superintendent, MGMCRI
Prof. A. Nasreen Begum HOD, General Medicine, SSSMCRI
Prof. K. Manimekalai HOD, Pharmacology, MGMCRI
Prof. Ushadevi Gopalan HOD, OBGY, SSSMCRI
Prof. Nirmala HOD, DVL, SSSMCRI
Prof. R. Valli HOD, ENT, SSSMCRI
Prof. A. M. Anusa HOD, Psychiatry, SSSMCRI
Prof. V. Sathia Lakshmi HOD, Anatomy, SSSMCRI
Prof. Karthika Jayakumar HOD, Microbiology, SSSMCRI
Prof. M. Chitra HOD, Physiology, SSSMCRI
Dr. Aruna Principal, IGIDS
Prof. J. C. Helen Shaji Principal, SSSCON
Prof. A. Santha Devy Vice Principal (Student Affairs), IGIDS
Dr. G. S. Prathima HOD, Paedodontics, IGIDS
Dr. A. N. UMA Principal I/C, Allied Health Sciences
Prof. S. Prabavathy HOD, Mental Health Nursing, KGNC
Prof. Sumathy Sundar Director, CMTER
Dr.S.Punitha Josephine Principal, KGNC
Prof. J. Bamalakshmi HOD, Community Health Nursing, KGNC
PROF. P. SUMATHY Vice Principal, KGNC
Prof. M. Annie Annal HOD, OBG Nursing, KGNC
DR. C. GEETA Associate Dean (Reasearch), KGNC
MS. A. KRIPA ANGELINE Nursing Superintendent, MGMCRI
MRS. M. CHITRA Academic Officer, MGMCRI
MRS. M. I. ZAIDUNNESA BEGUM Assistant Personnel Officer, MGMCRI
DR. R. RAMYA Assistant Registrar, SBV
MS. SUDHA RAJA Residential Administrative Officer, SBV
Dr. R. Sobana Jaiganesh
Dr. R. Sobana Jaiganesh Deputy Director MSC
Prof. A. Sendhil Coumary
Prof. A. Sendhil Coumary HOD, OBGY, MGMCRI
Prof. R. Indra Devi
Prof. R. Indra Devi HOD, DVL, MGMCRI
Prof. C. K. Lakshmi Devi
Prof. C. K. Lakshmi Devi HOD, Anatomy, MGMCRI
Dr. S. Shree Lakshmi Devi
Dr. S. Shree Lakshmi Devi Associate Dean (Research) & HOD, Pharmacology, SSSMCRI