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Graduate Attributes

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Graduate Attributes

Academic Ability
Personal Quality
Skills Hard & Soft
Subject specialty Principles, concepts, methods, theoriesdoctrines Breadth and depth of knowledge, value, putting patient first Professional skills competencies
Enquiry, Investigative, Collaborative Intellectual, curiosity, interest,  imagination, research culture, thesis, antithesis, synthesis Concept, aim, objectives, methodology, location, data analysis, interpretation, reporting, correlation PSA analytical, rational, computation, application, reproducible, adoptable, liaison.
Independent Thinking & Critical Evaluation Identification of a re-search plan, formation of RP & its implementation Proper data collection,analysis, computation(statistical) observation &critical evaluation Creativity, innovation, problem-solving, decision making, professionalism
Resources, Responsible, Adoptable, Documentation Experience in data collection, evidence-based research and practice, ownership, teamwork Independent, interdependent, mutually respectable & appreciative, self-sufficient Determination, drive, dedication, discipline, commitment, accountable
Communication, Oration Timely orientation of thoughts & presentation Clarity, convincing, affirmative, effective, constructive criticism Confidence, authority, convincing, pleasant, appreciative
Social Dimension Social needs live & let live, ISR, core & shore, service respecting, patient dignity Hard work, selfless service, sacrifice, timely response, confidentiality Values, ethics, social needs, involvement, to be a part of society, contribute to society
Reflective Learning Subject to correction, critical evaluation, and moving ahead, based on feedback Learn by experience, mistakes, failures, reattempt, accept mistakes Hopeful, positive, prospective, accept mistakes, share achievements.
Human values &Ethics Code of conduct, norms, of national/international standards, do’s & depts., the concept of servant and service human and environmental rights Imbibe HRD, personality, development, ethical and moral living & life, trustworthiness, Interpersonal and interpersonal relationship, cooperation, empathy Distinction for useful and essential vital materialization, time management, stress management, crisis management, PSALeadership skills
Creativity, Talents Participation and respect for co, literacy, cultural, sports activities Developing, talent as a hobby, more from amateurism to expertise stage Continuous practice, experimentation, perfection, innovation
Culture, heritage Understanding of culture, civilization, heritage, national and global integration Citizenship, protect, preserve, develop Comparative evaluation tolerance, respect for others, culture, heritage