Assessment of FIAGES Fellowship Candidates

The candidate is expected to know all important facts laparoscopic surgery.

Written Exam

Note: Minimum of 50 marks is required to pass in written exams.

Practical Examination

Note: The minimum of 50 marks are required to pass separately in practical examination combining the endotrainer assessment and interview.

Practical Examination


  • The skill assessment on endo trainer on the bases of performing simple to advanced exercises.
  • Duration: 10 minutes for each candidate.
  • Maximum of 50 marks is allotted on endotrainer assessment.
  • Each candidate is examined by one examiner only.


  • Interview/assessment for approximately 10 minutes on each candidate.
  • The candidates are divided into batches and are interviewed by two or more senior faculty members of IAGES depending upon the number of candidates.
  • Maximum of 50 marks is allotted for the viva/interview.

The total marks for practical examinations are 100 (Endotrainer assessment 50 marks and Interview 50 marks).