FIAGES Fellowship Category

Who Can Attend

IAGES Membership is Mandatory

Mandatory Documents For FIAGES Fellowship Application Crieteria

  1. Membership for IAGES is mandatory to apply for FIAGES fellowship and membership can be done online – website for more details.
  2. The soft copies of MBBS, MS or DNB certificate and MCI registration certificate are required during IAGES membership registration. (Membership number will be given to members after successful completion of payment and it will be given in 2 weeks from Honorary secretary’s Office)
  3. Post graduate degree in surgery is mandatory when applying for the FIAGES fellowship
  4. Number of years of experience in laparoscopic surgery should be a minimum of 2 years (includes experience in laparoscopy as resident).
  5. A resident or junior consultant should obtain certificate of experience from the HOD of the hospital/Institution as a supportive document.
  6. Members of collaborating associations who have signed MOU with IAGES are also eligible and they are expected to get their application endorsed by the respective collaborating association prior to joining the course.

FIAGES Examination Category

  1. Suitable for those with a minimum of 2 years experience in laparoscopic surgery (Including experience in laparoscopy as a postgraduate/resident).
  2. The Resident should have an experience certificate from HOD or Employer or self if running their own hospital/Nursing Home.
  3. The fellow should present a soft copy of the Log Book containing a total of 25 cases which include all Assisted/Operated laparoscopic surgeries.

FIAGES Non-Examination Category

  1. Suitable for those candidates working as faculty in teaching institutions and all surgeons with more than 10-year experience in doing a laparoscopy.
  2. Already an IAGES member or should become IAGES member.
  3. The number of laparoscopies done in the last 10 years should be more than >100 would be eligible to receive the FIAGES fellowship on satisfactory completion of the onsite FIAGES course and the informal interview.
  4. Would be eligible to receive the FIAGES fellowship on satisfactory completion of the FIAGES course and an informal interview.
  5. The Surgeon is requested to present a soft copy of the log book and a total of 100 cases which includes all assisted/performed basic/advanced laparoscopic procedures should be entered.