Instructions to Course Participants

  1. Attendance is compulsory for all course participants on all days.
  2. Participants are requested to sign in and sign out four times a day – in and out pre lunch and in and out post-lunch which is mandatory and kindly stay back in the hall till the proceedings are over. For every in and out, a new register would be maintained and marks will be given for attendance.
  3. Participants are requested to reach Pondicherry by the 22nd itself so that it would be comfortable for the delegates to attend the programme without any fatigue.
  4. The participants have to reach the venue – MGMC RI campus by 8 am on 25th March and breakfast would be provided at the venue for all three days.
  5. All the exam category participants are requested to be present for the exam at the announced time.
  6. Participants without exam category (above 10 years of experience in MAS) will appear for an interview on Sunday 25 June 2023 (time will be shared later)
  7. The last sign-out has to be on 27 March 2023, Sunday at 5 pm.