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AERO – PG Foundation Program, IGIDS

The 3 day workshop commenced on 27.07.2016. A total number of 36 delegates registered for the workshop. The first session commenced at 9.30 AM with the introductory speech by Dr. Sathyanarayanan. The delegates were randomly divided into 6 groups comprising of 6 members each. A pre-test questionnaire for the session was distributed among the participants. Dr. Sathyanarayanan offered a token of appreciation and vice chancellor honoured Dr. Nagesh, Professor and HOD, BDCH, Davangere, the facilitator for the day. The event was graced with the presence of  Prof. K R Sethuraman, Vice Chancellor, SBV, Dr. Adkoli, Head of MEU and Dr. N. Ananthakrishnan, Dean, PG Studies along with our beloved Dr. Carounanidy Usha, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry.

The first presentation titled, ‘How to think’ was facilitated by Dr. Sathyanarayanan. He highlighted on thinking, bridging between language and thinking, critical thinking and levels of learning. As a tribute to the great thinker of our nation Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, whose first death anniversary day coincides with the event day, a video clip of inspiring words about vision was played. He continued on freezing the thoughts using desktop wares, mobile apps and handed over the session to the core members, Dr. Tamizh and Dr. Yoga who engaged the audience with ‘Mind Mapping’ and made the session lighter with a group activity at the end. Finally, an online feedback form was sent to the participants and the responses were displayed, analyzed and implemented in the next session.

The second module titled, ‘Research Methodology’ started with an interesting role play from the organizing team. Dr. Nagesh gave an overview of the topic under the following subheadings: Introduction, Roadmap of research, Selection of topic, Fundamentals, Objectives and types of research.

The post lunch session on “Research Designs” commenced at 2.30 PM. The facilitators Dr. Nagesh, Dr. Sathyanarayanan, along with core member Dr. Shouvik Malakar, covered from the minimal level of evidence till the gold standard in the field of research with clinical examples.  The day was closed at 5.00.

The second day of AERO began with the 1st module for the day titled “Evidence Based Dentistry” by Dr. Carounanidy Usha who drew the attention of the delegates with a classic example on obtaining solid evidence, followed by a captivating role play from the organizing team. Hands on was conducted as a group activity on databases among the delegates. Feedback responses were documented and discussed.

The session was taken over by the core member of research methodology, Dr. Santosh Palla who highlighted on research question and hypothesis along with our research expertise Dr. Nagesh making the session simple and understandable.

The 2nd module titled “Reference management” continued, headed by Dr. Sathyanarayanan and the core members Dr. Danraj, Dr. Kavya engaging the delegates with hands on – Mendeley software. After the feedback analysis, Dr. Carounanidy Usha, The Dean, Faculty of dentistry, honoured the chief guest, Dr. Nagesh.

The last day of the three day PG foundation workshop, AERO 2016 commenced with the opening talk by Dr. Sathyanarayanan with the shuffling of the delegates and reassembling them in new groups to improve the discussions among the delegates.

Our 2nd day facilitator for the AERO, Dr. Mahalakshmi, Associate Professor, Department of Preventive and Social medicine, JIPMER, Puducherry, was introduced to the delegates and the session was taken over by her and the core members Dr. Jayagopika, Dr. Yoga and Dr. Vidhya. The presentation started with a video clip on biostatistics. The session was divided and portrayed into three presentations by the 3 core members of the organizing team, Dr. Gopika, Dr. Yoga and Dr. Vidhya. Dr. Gopika covered “Variables” with interesting group activities stating classic examples from dentistry. High tea was served between 10.30 AM to 11AM, followed by the presentation of Dr. Yoga and Dr. Vidhya. Online Feedback was taken after each session and it was very interactive and informative.

The afternoon session commenced at 2 PM with the introductory speech by Dr. Sathyanarayanan on “lacunae” in the field of research carried over by the core members of the Critical appraisal team Dr. Juhi and Dr. Shovik on journal club and critical reflection of the same.

The last module for the workshop, Photo documentation headed by Dr. Sathyanarayanan, Dr. Praveen and the core members Dr. Abdul, Dr. Eunice, Dr. Prabhu and Dr. Jithin commenced at 3.15 PM leaving the delegates awestruck. Live demonstration was given in groups headed by the core members for the candidates on “capturing”. Finally, an online general feedback form was sent to know the overall feed back of the delegates on AERO and the responses were displayed and analysed. Post test was conducted. At the end of the day, Dr. Carounanidy Usha delivered the vote of thanks, thanking the delegates for all their patience and sincerely acknowledged the lacunas and hindering factors during the workshop. The whole of the organizing team was introduced to the delegates and the efforts put in by them were applauded. Finally a memorable click was captured. Certificates were distributed to the delegates and a take home gift of an indigenously fabricated small photography kit was given. The delegates parted with promising note that they found the IGidians have made profound impact and they will put all in use in their post graduation.