The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, IGIDS, conducted student exchange program in Cariology with M S Ramaiah Dental College, Bangalore, on the 25th and 26th May 2017.

On 25th May, there was an ice breaking session during which brief introduction happened between the host postgraduates and postgraduates of M S Ramaiah Dental College. Pretest was conducted followed by lecture on Cons Vs Endo by Prof. Carounanidy Usha, Dean, IGIDS and Protocol of Cariology clinic of IGIDS by Dr. Geena Mary. After the lecture, the session broke for tea. Post break session, lecture was delivered on Dental Caries-Current concepts by Prof. Carounanidy Usha. In the Post lunch session the exchange students had visited the Department and observed how the undergraduates did comprehensive case management under rubber dam isolation.  The postgraduates were shown the cariology records. Host postgraduate Dr. Chandana demonstrated fluorescence camera in detection of dental caries. Finally the day ended with the self reflection and debriefing of all the post graduate students.

On 26th May, the session started with lecture on Caries Risk Assessment by Prof. Carounanidy Usha. This was followed by lecture on treatment decisions based on Caries Management by Risk Assessment by Prof. Carounanidy Usha. The session broke for tea and then assembled for the chair side learning: Caries Risk Assessment case sheet demonstrated by Dr. Geena Mary on patient. In post lunch session, post test was conducted. Program feedback through online was collected. Picture quiz was conducted on ICDAS – II.  The session ended with reflection writing and photographic session.