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On day 1, 7th September 2016:

A group of 89 students along with four faculty members (Dr. Prem Lal, Dr. Priyadharshini, Dr. Prasanya and Dr. Prasana) of Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, SBV, participated in the South Indian Medical and Dental convention Chettinad Fusion 2K16, held at Chettinad Health City, Kelambakkam. The first day events were throw-ball for women, cricket and football for Men.

On day 2, 8th September 2016:

On the second day, following the inauguration, both cultural and sports events started simultaneously. Dr. Dhanraj Pillai and Mr. Dhandapani of IGIDS cruised toward semifinals at the end of the day.

On day 3, 9th September 2016:

The students of IGIDS, SBV, performed well and bought laurel to our IGIDS. The following were the prices and events on the 3rd day.


Sl. No Events Participants Prize
1 Badminton Dr. Dhanraj Pillai and Mr. Dhandapani Runners
2 400 m Men Dr. Rajkumar Second
3 800 m Men Dr. Rajkumar Second
4 400 m Women Miss Phanisree Third
5 800 m Women Miss Sasikala Second
6 1500 m Women Miss Nivetha.V Third
7 Javelin throw Men Mr. Shankaran Second
8 Javelin throw Men Dr. Rajkumar Third
9 Javelin throw Women Miss. Sreevinupriya First
10 Javelin throw Women Miss. Kaviya Second
11 Short put Women Miss. Sreevinupriya First
12 Discuss throw Miss. Aarthi Second


After sports events ended, the students participated in fine arts events such as rangoli, quiz, dubsmash, adzap, Logo quiz and connexions, which were followed by the prize distribution ceremony for sports events and the Pro show in auditorium which ended around 10.30 PM.

Day 4, 10th September 2016:

On the last day, IGidians participated in cultural events such as group dance, Indian dance, foot loose, singing, adaptune and face painting.