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Cons & Endo day

The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics organized a CDE program on 5th march 2021 for Cons & Endo Day. The event was held in IGIDS, Conference hall. The program started at 10am, with the SBV anthem in the presence of Dr.Saravanakumar.MDS, Principal IGIDS and other dignitaries. The introduction of the programme was given by Dr.Jasmine Rayapudi, senior lecturer, IGIDS. The vote of thanks was given by Dr.Kavya, senior lecturer, IGIDS . The Programme started with Connexions For each batch. Pictures were displayed and students were asked to find the Dental material by connecting the pictures. Followed by display of short film and poems submitted by students. Prizes for the quiz were announced after the completion of the programme and the winners were awarded with appreciation certificates and cash prize. The Programme ended by 12pm.