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Dextrix 2015 – Mar 2015

Dextrix 2015 started with flying colors on the morning of 2nd March 2015 with Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, held in the Department of Oral Pathology, IGIDS. Twenty teams from various houses participated with two members per team. Tattoo designing was conducted on the afternoon of 2nd March 2015 in the preclinical Prosthodontics lab, IGIDS, in which 22 members participated with 2 members per team. The students disclosed their amazing creative potential in tattoo designing competition. Rangoli was conducted on the morning of 4thMarch 2015 at the 5th floor of old building, IGIDS, in which 30 teams participated with 3 members per team. Sculpting competition with any material was conducted on 5th March 2015 at the same venue in which 32 members participated. The judges were completely impressed by the sculptures displayed by the students and faculties of IGIDS. Origami competition was conducted on the morning of 9th March 2015 at the Department of Oral Pathology lab in which 20 members participated. The Origami competition was followed by craft from foam sheet in which 9 teams participated with 2 members per team. The famous cookery event of IGIDS was conducted on 11thMarch 2015 at the preclinical Prosthodontic lab in which 22 teams with 3 members per team participated. Mouth watering recepies were made and displayed to the judges. The flag designing competition was held on 12th March 2015 at the Department of the Oral Pathology in which 5 teams participated with 2 members per team. Glass painting competition was conducted in the afternoon of same day at the same venue. The participants made an amazing display of glass painting which was a true visual treat.

The following were the results of various Dextrix’15 events.

Ikebana Blue house Emerald green house Zircon brown house.
Tattoo designing Emerald Green house Amber yellow house Emerald Green house
Rangoli Amber Yellow house Zircon brown house Sapphire blue house and Zircon brown house
Hair styling Sapphire green house and zircon brown
Sculpting Amethyst purple house Amethyst purple house Sapphire green house
Origami zircon brown house Amber yellow house Amber yellow house
Craft from foam sheet Amber yellow house Sapphire green Zircon brown house
Cookery Ruby red house Purple house Ruby red house
Flag designing Zircon brown house Emerald green house Sapphire blue house
Glass Painting Amber Yellow house Zircon brown house Zircon brown house