LOQUENTIA’17, literary events of IGIDS, started with Matribhashadiwas on 21st February 2017. Twenty five students participated out of which three students were awarded prizes for Matribhashadiwas. This event was conducted in order to emphasize the importance of mother tongue. This was followed by fun events like dumbcharads on 23rd February and word shake on 24th February. On 1st March, Pictionary was conducted which happened between 10 am and 1 pm. On 3rd March, treasure hunt was conducted in and around the campus of IGIDS. On 9th March, quiz was conducted among the houses by a quiz master from Soel quiz club, Pondicherry. Connexions happened on 11th March. All the above mentioned loquentia events was conducted at MGMC&RI, 1st floor lecture hall No.2. Offstage events were also conducted which include Photography, dental cartoon / strip and fictional writing. Faculties, PG and UG students of IGIDS participated enthusiastically. The following were the winners of various loquentia events.

21/2/17MatribhashaDiwasMs. Preeti P M


Ms. Aishwariya B


Ms. Shabnam N


23/2/17DumbcharadsDr. Praveen (FACULTY)

Dr. Shovik (PG)

Dr. Gopika (PG)


Mr. Jeffery (IV year)

Mr. Kootishwaran (IV year)

Mr. Ravi (IV year)

Dr. Balaji (Faculty)

Dr. Ramesh (Faculty)

Dr. John (Faculty)

24/2/17Word shakeMs. Shabnam (Purple)

Dr. Praveen (Purple)

Mr. Sheetal (Brown)

Ms. Mariya (Brown)

Mr. Roshan (Yellow)

Ms. Ashmeen (Yellow)

1/3/17PictionaryMs. Vaishnavi (IV year)

Ms.Vinu Priya (IV year)

Ms. Shreya (IV year)

Dr. Praveen (Faculty)

Dr. Suganya (Faculty)

Dr. Nansi (Faculty)


Mr. Roshan (1st year)

Mr. Gowtham (1st year)


Mr. Nishanth (1st year)



9/3/17QuizDr. Shovik (Yellow)

Dr. Jasmine (Yellow)

Ms. Krishna Priya (Yellow)

Ms. Bella (Yellow)

Mr. Antony (Yellow)

Mr. Dhandapani (Yellow)

Dr. Prasanna (Purple)

Dr.Praveen (Purple)

Ms. Preeti (Purple)

Mr. Kootishwaran (Purple)

Mr. Jothi Aravind (Purple)

Ms. Abirami (Purple)

11/3/17ConnexionsMs. Salma (Purple)

Mr. Jothi Aravind (Purple)

Ms. Harini (Purple)

Dr. Prabu (Green)

Ms. Shreya (Green)

Ms. Jency (Green)

Dr. Praveen (Purple)

Dr. Suganya (Purple)

Dr. Vignesh (Purple)

8/3/17PhotographyMr. Shyam Sundar (Green)Mr. Hari Prasath (Brown)Mr. Aravind Anto (Red)

Ms. Balavaishnavi (Yellow)

8/3/17Dental cartoon/ stripMs. Leayol (Green)Ms. Mohana Ragavi (Blue)
8/3/17Fictional writingMs. Narmatha (Green)Ms. Yamini (Purple)Dr. Aniruth (Red)