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Scientific and Academic forum, IGIDS, conducted an interactive Ted Talk program “Yoga for the dentist” on 4th April 2017which was delivered by Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Deputy Director, Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research (CYTER). The program was attended by clinical undergraduates, CRRIs, post graduates and faculties of IGIDS. The guest speaker for the day was introduced by Dr. Karthikeyan, Department of Periodontics, IGIDS. Dr. Ananda Balayogi detailed on the health hazards faced by dentists and doctors in general because of sedentary lifestyle and posture during work. He then explained the effects of yoga in helping achieve healthy and balanced lifestyle. Dr. Balayogi and his team from CYTER demonstrated few asanas and made the audience perform the same. Dr. Saravanakumar and Dr. Shanthadevy, Vice principals, IGIDS, presented memento and certificates of appreciation to Dr. Ananda Balayogi and Dr. Meena Ramanathan, CYTER. Feedback was collected from audience and the program ended with high tea.