A Center of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), puducherry

About CHPE

Among the four Centres of excellence established by Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed University), the Centre for Health Professions Education (CHPE) is the youngest but perhaps most relevant to the context.  CHPE is an attempt to develop a new cadre of educators, who are empowered with higher qualification, training and leadership skills to handle the future challenges across the health profession. While the health professionals in the future are likely to face a variety of challenges in terms of growing complexities such as knowledge explosion and super- specialization, there is a dire need develop leaders who can build bridges across the health profession – medical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences so as to provide a holistic care to the individuals in diverse settings.  

What is unique about us?​

  • We are a pioneer Health Sciences Deemed University  in the country to offer a stream of innovative courses  in health professions education, exclusively based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) recommended by the UGC/NAAC as a path-breaking reform

  • Our courses range from short Certificate Courses to Diploma in Health Professions Education (PGDHPE), M Phil Programme (all credit based), leading to Ph D in health professions education (External and Internal)

  • We emphasize inter-professional education. We cater to the needs of teachers   (medical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences) who wish to pursue higher degree in health professions education and develop educational scholarship.

  • There is tremendous flexibility in pursuing these courses based on the CBCS pattern. One can enter or exit at various levels, depending upon the availability of time and career aspiration.  

  • All our courses are based on “Heutagogy model” in which the participants are self-determined and pursue collaborative learning.

Vision of CHPE

  • To emerge as one of the leaders in Health Professions Education in the country.


  • To develop a cadre of health professions educators and leaders across the health profession, who are competent and willing to meet the future challenges in the health sector [Core value – Innovation]
  • To support faculty development programs across SBV Institutes [Core value -Leadership].
  • To emerge as one of the Centres of Excellence in Health Professions Education in the country by promoting faculty development, educational research, networking and scholarly activities in HPE [Core value – Excellence]
  • To foster inter-professional education in health profession[Core  value –Teamwork/ Collaboration]

Core Values

Our core values are Innovation,  Leadership, Excellence and Collaboration and Team work