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A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)

Accredited by NAAC with highest A++ Grade

Ranked 77 among Universities by NIRF 2023

A UGC Category 1 Higher Education Institution

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


S. NoName of the patent applicant/ authorApplication NumberTitleYear
1.        Dr. M. ShivasakthyIPO: 201741013553 PCT/IN2017/000134 Patent granted no: 425471SNACS - An Educational System for Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationFiled IPO: 17.04.17 Applied PCT:28.11.17 Published WIPO:25.10.18 Published IPO:26.10.18 Granted: 16.03.23


S NoName of the copyright awardeeDiary number RoC numberTitle
1.       Prof. N. Ananthakrishnan 8916/2017-CO/LCompetency Based Learning And Training Program (Cobalt) For Post Graduates In Medicine
2.       Dr. K.A. Narayan, Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. N. Ananthakrishnan, Dr. B.V. Adkoli9306/2017-CO/L
SBV Innovative Credit Based Curriculum for PGDHPE
3.       Dr. K.A. Narayan, Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. N. Ananthakrishnan, Dr. B.V. Adkoli9089/2017-CO/L
SBV Innovative Credit Based Curriculum for MPhil in HPE
4.       Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. Carounanidy Usha9030/2017- CO/L
L – 74646/2018
STRAP-SNACS The SBV initiative (The STRAtegic Pathway for Students Needing Additional Curricular Support - The SBV initiative)
5.       Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. K.A. Narayan9089/2017-CO/L
SBV/IGIDS CB-CRESIDENT (Choice Based Credit System in Dentistry)
6.       Dr. K.R. Sethuraman Dr. Manoharan9133/2017-CO/LSBV/IGIDS – SCORE model (Systematic Competency ORiented Education model) for interns
7.       Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. Varsha9257/2017-CO/LSBV-EPICS (Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth-Evidence-Based Personalized Imparting of Communication Skills)
8.       Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. Varsha9258/2017-CO/LSBV-Practice Oriented- Peer Review for Prosthodontics, (SBV-PrO-PReP)
9.       Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. N. Ananthakrishnan, Dr. K.A. Narayan, Dr. V.R. Rajan8274/2018-CO/L
Post Graduate certificate Programme in Health Sciences Library Information Technology
10.   Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Mrs. Anu Thelly, Dr. R. Saravana Kumar, Dr. M. Senthil17354/2018-CO/L
Credit based integrated module on palliative care for undergraduate dental students
11.   Dr. Sanguida.A, Dr. SaravanaKumar. R, Dr. Manoharan.P.S, Dr. Pratheba Balu, Dr. Senthil.M, Dr. Shivasakthy.M, Dr. Vikneshan. M, Dr. Jananni. M, Dr. Suganya.M12249/2019-CO/L
“Integrated Teaching Module on Sterilization and Disinfection for Undergraduate Pre-clinical Dental Students”
12.   Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. M. Senthil, Dr. M. Vikneshan, Dr. R. SaravanaKumar,, Dr. M. Suganya, Dr. M. Jananni, Dr. P.S. Manoharan, Dr. B. Pratebha, Dr. A. Sanguida12286/2019-CO/L
Integrated Teaching Module on Aesthetic Dentistry for Undergraduate dental students
13.   Dr. Jananni, Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. Carounanidy Usha12248/2019-CO/L
D.E.E.P questionnaire to assess competencies of interns
14.   Dr. SaravanaKumar.R, Dr. Shivasakthy M, Dr. Sanguida A, Dr. Senthil.M, Dr. Vikneshan.M, Dr. Manoharan P.S, Dr. Pratheba Balu, Dr. Suganya.M, Dr. Jananni M12060/2019-CO/L
ICED (Integrated Curriculum on Ethics for Dental Undergraduates) - A SBV Initiative
15.   Dr. Manoharan P.S, Dr. Jananni.M, Dr. Senthil M, Dr. Shivasakthy M, Dr. SaravanaKumar R, Dr. Suganya M, Dr. Sanguida A, Dr. PrathebaBalu, Dr. Vikneshan M12885/2019-CO/L
Integrated Teaching Module on Diagnosis and treatment planning
16.   Dr.Suganya M, Dr. Sanguida A, Dr.Vikneshan.M, Dr. Saravana Kumar R, Dr. Manoharan PS, Dr.Janani.M, Dr.Shivashakthy.M, Dr. Pratebha Balu, Dr. Senthil.M12367/2019-CO/L
Integrated syllabus on Forensic Odontology for Undergraduate BDS curriculum - A SBV initiative
17.   Dr. R. Saravana Kumar, Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Dr. B. Pratebha, Dr. A. Sanguida,, Dr. M. Vikneshan, Dr. Manoharan. PS, Dr. M. Jananni, Dr. M. Senthil, Dr. M. Suganya12353/2019-CO/L
Integrated Teaching Module on Basic Implantology for Undergraduate clinical Dental students
18.   Dr. Shivasakthy M, Dr.M. Jananni Muthu, Dr. A. Sanguida, Dr. M. Senthil., Dr. Saravanakumar. R, Dr. M. Suganya, Dr. M. Vikneshan., Dr. Manoharan. PS, Dr. B. Pratebha12355/2019-CO/L
Integrated Teaching Module on Dental armamentarium for Undergraduate Dental student
19.   Dr.Pratebha, Dr.Shivashakthy M, Dr.Senthil M, Dr.Vikneshan M, Dr.Suganya M, Dr. Sanguida, Dr.Manoharan PS, Dr.Janani.M, Dr.Saravankumar R12366/2019-CO/L
ICBS (Integrated Curriculum on Behavioral Sciences) - A SBV Initiative
20.   Dr. Shivasakthy, Dr. S.R. Rao. Mrs. Asha, Dr. Jagan5636/2021-CO/L
SBV Scholastic Updates Linked Professional Training program - SBV SCULPT
21.   Dr. Renuka K, Dr. B.V. Adkoli, Mr. Dhivagar S, Mrs. Jayanthi K, Mrs. Prabavathy S, Ms. Jayasri J16232/2019-CO/L,
KGNC Competency Based Education Module (CBME) for undergraduates in Mental Health Nursing
22.   Dr. C.S.Singh, Prof. K.R. Sethuraman, Dr. Ezhumalai G, Prof. B.V. Adkoli14669/2019-CO/L,
Designing teaching modules based on problem solving exercise (PSE) approach for radiology undergraduates
23.   Dr.C.S.Singh, Prof.K.R. Sethuraman, Prof.B.V.Adkoli Dr. Ezhumalai21141/2019-CO/L L-89870/2020Tools for assessing the student's perception of the effectiveness of Radiology teaching using Problem Solving Exercise (PSE) approach
24.   Dr.C.S.Singh, Prof.K.R. Sethuraman, Prof.B.V.Adkoli, Dr. Ezhumalai21140/2019-CO/L L-90647/2020Tools for assessing the students’ knowledge and interpretive skills in Radiology for medical undergraduates
25.   Prof. Subash Chandra Parija,Prof. Balachandra V. Adkoli, Archana Gopalakrishnan11386/2020-CO/A, A-134762/2020MASCOT Ms. Comini
26.   Prof.B.V.AdkoliL-96821/2020S-5 Formula for Leadership Development
27.   Prof.B.V.AdkoliL-103924/2021Redefining ‘Best Practices’ In Higher Education Institutes
28.   Prof.B.V.AdkoliL-99583/2021ABCD-SERvice to Authors of Book Chapters
29.   All faculty and PGDHPE 2019 batch5642/2021-CO/L L-102126/2021ABC model of PGDHPE Curriculum
30.   Dr. N. Ananthakrishnan, Dr. B. V. Adkoli, Dr. M. ShivasakthyL-112667/2022SBV Policy for Enhancing Student outcomes
31.   Dr. B.V. Adkoli, Dr. M. ShivasakthyL-112782/2022SBV Policy for Faculty Development Programs
32.   Dr. M. ShivasakthyL-112846/2022
Students Needing Additional Curricular Support and Students Needing Enhanced Curricular Support (SNACS/SNECS)
33.   Dr. M. ShivasakthyL-126724/2023Algorithm of academic guidance – Matching strategies to the needs
34.   Dr. M. ShivasakthyL-124577/20234S Model for Students Needing Additional Curricular Support