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 APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


International Student Support Cell


International Inbound Students are those students who are citizens of other countries than India, OCI candidates, NRI candidates and NRI sponsored candidates.


At Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, we believe in helping students of the constituent colleges and centres of SBV to become global citizens with a wide-range of opportunities to help them succeed in the international and inter-cultural employment market following graduation, by facilitating the students for postgraduation aboard.

Services of the Cell

  1. Meet and greet service for international students.
  2. Providing a Mentor
  3. Facilitating immigration issues.
  4. Facilitating Information from Registrar’s office in university to obtain the required permit for the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) and required documents.
  5. Information/ advice on the admission process.
  6. Information for Visa Application and processing.
  7. Information on travel and hostel accommodation
  8. Grievance redressal/Crisis assistance.
  9. Provision for health and welfare.
  10. General counseling and advice.
  11. Promote Cultural understanding through interactive events and diverse activities


Foreign Nationals: Citizens of all countries except Nepal and Bhutan require a Student Visa for the duration of their study. They are requested to contact the nearest Indian Mission / Embassy/ High Commission for obtaining their student / research / internship visa.

Foreign Nationals with Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) status: The students with OCI status do not require a visa or any other formality.

NRI / NRI Sponsored Indian Nationals: NRI / NRI sponsored students do not require any other formalities including visa.

NRI Sponsored Category: A ‘Non – NRI’ candidate may also apply under ‘NRI Sponsored category’, if the candidate fulfills the clause and conditions notified by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India vide its order passed in W.P. (C ) No.689 of 2017 dated 22/08/2017.

Eligibility of the sponsors:

• If the Father or Mother of the candidate is an NRI and resides abroad ordinarily; or
• If the first-degree relation of the candidate is an NRI and resides abroad ordinarily and it will include real brother or sister; or
• If any of the “nearest relation” is an NRI and resides ordinarily. Nearest relation will include
    a. Real brother or sister of the candidate’s father, i.e – real uncle or real aunt;
    b. Real brother or sister of the candidate’s mother, i.e- a real maternal uncle or maternal aunt.
     c. Father or Mother of Father; i.e. Grandfather or Grandmother;
  d. Father or Mother of Mother; i.e. Maternal Grandfather or Maternal Grandmother; and
     e. First degree – Paternal and Maternal cousins

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Member Secretary,
Dr. R Kannan,
Professor, Dept of General Surgery,
Email: [email protected]