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MASS COOKING EXHIBUTION ON THERAPEUTIC DIETS” with the guidance of Mrs. Bamalakshmi J, Asso. Prof and Mrs. Jaya Pradha D, Nsg Tutor on 21.02.2020 from 10.30 to 12.00noon at Health and Well Clinic, Koravalimedu. Aim of the programme was “Enhancing Knowledge regarding Diseases condition and its Dietary managements.” In this programme, 20  students  were  divided  into 10  groups  and  each  group  were  asked  to  prepare and present the  recipes  for different therapeutic diets. Various items of therapeutic diets namely Therapeutic  diet for Hypertension, Therapeutic  diet for Diabetes Mellitus, Therapeutic  diet for Peptic Ulcer, Therapeutic  diet for GI Cancer, Therapeutic  diet for Arthrosclerosis, Therapeutic  diet for Anemia , Therapeutic  diet for Cirrhosis of Liver, Therapeutic  diet for Kidney Stone and Therapeutic diet for Protein Energy Malnutrition . Later, all the items distributed among the beneficiaries and  let  happy  and assured  that  they  would  prepare  it  for  to  maintain  their  health  &  family.