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The 67th Scientific and Academic Forum had held on  March 27th, 2018 and was organized by Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing at Second Floor Lecturer Hall, MGMCRI. The scientific session started with a guest lecture by DR.HEMACHANDARR, Professor, and Head, Department Of Nephrology, MGMCRI. He presented the topic on   “Kidney & Women’s Health Include Value And Empower”. He began his lecture with a brief introduction to, kidney and renal disorders commonly occurs among women’s especially during pregnancy and puerperium, how to treat and protects their health from Renal Disorders, doubts were clarified. Followed by this Ms, Ishrath Farthima.I, First Year M.Sc(N), Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing presented a case presentation regarding “Acute on CKD”. After her presentation feedback was received from the student. The session was very interesting and informative one.