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Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College


A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)

Accredited by NAAC with highest A++ Grade

Ranked 77 among Universities by NIRF 2023

A UGC Category 1 Higher Education Institution

Accredited by


Nirf 2023 among universities

77 Rank



A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY




  • Creating ragging free atmosphere in and outside the campus.
  • Creating awareness among students regarding acts and punishments pertaining to ragging activities.
  • Creating cordial relation among students for fulfilling organization’s mission and objectives.


  • To uphold and comply with the directions of the Honorable Supreme Court and be vigilant on any acts amounting to ragging.
  • To publicize to all students and prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those indulging in ragging.
  • To consider the complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit report to the Anti-Ragging Committee along with punishment recommended for the offenders.
  • Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions.
  • Conduct workshops against ragging menace and orient the students.
  • To provide students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone numbers of the person(s) identified to receive complaints/distress calls.
  • To offer services of counseling and create awareness to the students.
  • To take all necessary measures for prevention of ragging inside the campus/hostels.


  • ID card will be mandatory for each student.
  • They will also have to carry it all the time.
  • A movement Register for students will be maintained at the main gate of all hostels from 10 PM to 6 AM.

Performa to be submitted by the student

Name of the institution ___________________________________________

Name of course __________________________________________________

  1. Name of student …………………………………………….
  2. Parents details with address and Tel ……………………………………………

iii. Date of admission in nursing college …………………………

  1. Profession of study (class) …………………………………………..
  2. Boarding/ Hostel (address with mobile/Tel No.)………………………
  3. Day scholar (address with mobile/ Tel No.) ……………………………

vii. Undertaking to be given and signed by the student


I ______________________________________________S/O, D/O Sh./Smt. _____________________________Studying in the _________________(MBBS/ BDS/Paramedical/ Nursing/ other courses) in_____________________ (name of the institution) __________________ (year of admission) presently _____________ (name of class) hereby give undertaking that I will not indulge in any kind of Ragging or indiscipline in the campus/hostel/outside/anywhere. If so, strict disciplinary action may be taken against me as per the law.

                                                                                                          Signature of Candidate Name_____________

                                                                                                          Class _____________

                                                                                                           Mobile/Tel No._____________

                                                                                                           Countersigned Parent/guardian Address: Tel/ contact No


Confidence building measures such as appointment of counsellors; arrival of senior students a week or two weeks after the Juniors have arrived; joint sensitization programmes; joint orientation programme for ‘freshers and ‘seniors’ to be addressed by the principal/Head of the institution; organization on large scale of cultural, sports and other activities; make provisions for faculty members to dine with the hostel residents in their respective hostels, etc.

Wardens are available at all hours and also, be available on telephone and other modes of communication. Similarly, the telephone numbers of the other important functionaries – Heads of institutions, faculty members, members of the anti-ragging committees where relevant – should also be widely disseminated for the needy to get in touch or seek help in emergencies.

Brochures or booklet/leaflet distributed to each student at the beginning of each academic that contain the blueprint of prevention and methods of redress.

We ensure that each hostel have a full-time warden who resides within the hostel, or at the very least, in the close vicinity thereof.


To know the knowledge and attitude of new entrants regarding ragging in the college, a base line anonymous survey to be conducted amongst them.

After this base line, fortnightly anonymous surveys to be undertaken in the college for first three months of the academic session to get the feedback from these students. Thereafter this survey will be conducted monthly till the next academic year.

Survey data will be analyzed and reported to principal.

This information will further be disseminated to the members of the anti ragging committee, government and the Indian Nursing Council on regular basis.

There will be a dedicated security staff under the control of Chief Warden for the hostels.

Security will be tightened in the premises of the institution, especially at the vulnerable places. If necessary, intense security arrangements will be resorted to at these points at odd hours during the first three months of the academic session.

Roster of the security personnel will be displayed on the notice board of the hostel as well of the Principal. Copies of this roster will also be circulated to all hostel wardens.

Office of the ASO will be open round the clock with at least one person on duty.

Closed Circuit Cameras will be installed on the main entrance and residential area of junior’s hostels. Hooters with switches at different places will be installed in junior’s hostels which can be used by the students in emergency.

These services have been made available in the department of Psychiatry. If required, services of professional counsellor will be availed by the department.

Committee members

Composition OF Anti-Ragging Committee 2020-2021