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Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College


A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)

Accredited by NAAC with highest A++ Grade

Ranked 77 among Universities by NIRF 2023

A UGC Category 1 Higher Education Institution

Accredited by


Nirf 2023 among universities

77 Rank



A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY



Hostel commitee is to provide safe and healthy environment for the students to stay, live together to maintain mutual understanding and also improve the curricular and extra-curricular activities.


  1. To provide suitable and comfortable accommodation for residing students.
  2. To ensure that students coming from different places learn to live together and strengthen their relations with mutual cooperation and goodwill.
  3. To develop a climate congenial for sports, yoga, etc. in the hostel.
  4. To ensure that the students are able to devote adequate time to their studies in the hostel.
  5. To improve their general knowledge, newspapers and educative periodicals are provided in recreation room
  6. To provide relaxation to the students through recreational facilities at the hostel
  7. To motivate the students in participating in indoor and outdoor games in the hostel.
  8. To develop an affordable environment to the students by ensuring hygienic and peaceful circumstances.
  9. To observe the students adhering to rules and regulations and take actions or resolutions for in-disciplinary actions.
  10. To look after the day-to-day problems of the students and appoint the student committee member as floor in charge to supervise the activities of the students.
  11. To take care of the students to maintain their health and provide medical support in any kind of illness in the hostel.
  12. To engage the students in activities in the hostel such as recreation, prayer, dining hour, etc.


  1. KGNC have formed an active Hostel Committee consisting of a convenor, Member Secretary, Faculty and Student Committee members, who are selected by Principal, Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College. The Committee will actively participate in or collaborate with the Warden in the routine functioning and organizing of all activities of the Hostel to ensure smooth running of the Hostel activities.
  2. The Convener is the Head of the Committee and looks after the general welfare of students and residential life in Hostels and advices the Member secretary and committee members on matters concerning their functions.
  3. The committee actively meets once a month to discuss and mutually settle hostel affairs. The Member secretary maintains Minutes of meeting of hostel committee.
  4. The member Secretary is appointed as a liaison person between warden and students in the hostel by the Principal, KGNC.
  5. The warden in the Nursing Hostel is the principal authority and executive in all matters relating to resident students’ welfare, their discipline and messing as well as administration and security of the Hostel. The Warden is assisted by the Member Secretary and Committee members.
  6. Committee collaborates with the warden and caretakers to supervise the condition of the sanitation in hostel including Mess.
  7. All kind of Leave applications of the students will be forwarded to the warden by Member Secretary and Convener.
  8. Member secretary and Faculty committee member will periodically visit the room of the students and will be in contact with the warden to make the students adhere to the rules and regulations of the hostel.
  9. The Convener and committee members shall keep close contact with the students and pay attention to their health, hygiene, recreational facilities and maintenance of sanitation in the hostel.
  10. Member Secretary and Faculty committee member will have responsibility to observe the hostel rules and regulations properly and maintain discipline and shall promptly report to the convener and warden all cases of misbehavior, indiscipline and sickness of the residents in the hostel.
  11. The member secretary will check Attendance register and leave register.
  12. Committee encourages indoor and outdoor sports activities to promote the welfare of the students.
  13. The activities of committee will be observed and guided by Convener of the Committee.

Role of the Student members

  1. Support the committee in planning and implementing the objectives.
  2. Act as major part in delivering the regularities among the students in the hostel.
  3. Represent to bring out the feedback of hostel facilities to the committee and help to seek the options to overcome the problems.
  4. Motivate the first year students to involve in the activities of the committees and help them to alleviate the home sickness.
  5. Students build a home-based environment for the students in the hostel.

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