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Bapuji Central Library



        The digital library has 25 systems. It has a collection of about 10,000 E-BOOKS. All institutional repositories like E-Resources, University syllabus, and reports of the workshop / Conferences held in MGM are available.

The library subscribes to the following databases

Proquest Database online  Journal is indispensable Database journal for the use and benefit of the user community. Proquest Database online Journal started subscribing from 2014 onwards  and the same has been renewed every year.  Total number of E-journals of Proquest Health & Medical complete  accessed through Proquest 2691 journals.

2. DELNET (Developing Library Network)

Bapuji central library enrolled as an Institution member of DELNET from November 2019 onwards for the benefit of the user community. Total number of Health and medical journal collections accessed through Delnet 3611 journals, E-Books containing more than 24,811 in all disciplines, etc. (copy attached) Any medical books/journals required by Faculty/Student/Researchers may be obtained through Inter library loan.


Bentham Life Science collection has been subscribed to 56 titles  with back issues of 2013-2023 under E-Shodh Sindhu.

SI NoBentham Science Title Online ISSN   Print ISSN  VOLUME / ISSUES  eSS Collection  Subject area  URLs 
1Adolescent Psychiatry2210-67742210-676613/3LSMedicine, PsychiatryLink
2Anti-Infective Agents2211-35332211-352521/5LSAnti-Infective/Infectious Diseases, Chemistry, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
3Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents in Medicinal Chemistry1875-614X1871-523022/4LSChemistry, Drug Design and Discovery, Inflammmation and allergyLink
4Cardiovascular & Hematological Agents in Medicinal Chemistry1875-61821871-525721/3LSChemistry, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
5Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders-Drug Targets2212-40631871-529X23/4LSCardiology and Cardiovascular Science, Drug Design and Discovery Link
6Central Nervous System Agents in Medicinal Chemistry1875-61661871-524923/3LSChemistry, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
7CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Targets1996-31811871-527322/10LSMedicine, Neurology, PharmacologyLink
8Coronaviruses2666-79752666-79674/4LSMedicine, Immunology and Endocrinology, Inflammmation and allergyLink
9Current Aging Science1874-61281874-609816/3LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
10Current Alzheimer Research1875-58281567-205020/12LSDrug Design and Discovery, MedicineLink
11Current Cancer Drug Targets1873-55761568-009623/11LSDrug Design and Discovery, Oncology and Cancer Research Link
12Current Cardiology Reviews1875-65571573-403X19/6LSMedicine, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science Link
13Current Computer-Aided Drug Design1875-66971573-409919/6LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
14Current Diabetes Reviews1875-64171573-399819/9LSImmunology and EndocrinologyLink
15Current Drug Delivery1875-57041567-201820/10LSDrug Delivery, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
16Current Drug Discovery Technologies1875-62201570-163820/6LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
17Current Drug Metabolism1875-54531389-200224/12LSDrug Design and Discovery, Drug MetabolismLink
18Current Drug Research Reviews2589-97832589-977515/3LSClinical Trials, Drug Design and Discovery, Drug TherapyLink
19Current Drug Safety2212-39111574-886318/4LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
20Current Drug Targets1873-55921389-450124/17LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
21Current Drug Therapy2212-39031574-885518/5LSClinical Trials, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
22Current Gene Therapy1875-56311566-523223/5LSBiotechnology, Drug Delivery, GenomicsLink
23Current HIV Research1873-42511570-162X21/6LSAnti-Infective/Infectious Diseases, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
24Current Hypertension Reviews1875-65061573-402119/3LSMedicine, HypertensionLink
25Current Medical Imaging1875-66031573-405619/14LSMedicineLink
26Current Molecular Medicine1875-56661566-524023/10LSBiochemistry, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science, Drug Design and Discovery Link
27Current Molecular Pharmacology1874-47021874-467216/8LSDrug Therapy, PharmacologyLink
28Current Neuropharmacology1875-61901570-159X21/12LSPharmacology, NeurologyLink
29Current Neurovascular Research1875-57391567-202620/4LSPharmacology, Neurology Link
30Current Nutrition & Food Science2212-38811573-401319/9LSFood Science and NutritionLink
31Current Pediatric Reviews1875-63361573-396319/4LSMedicine, PediatricsLink
32Current Pharmaceutical Analysis1875-676X1573-412919/10LSAnalytical Chemistry, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
33Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology1873-43161389-201024/15LSBiotechnology, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
34Current Pharmaceutical Design1873-42861381-612829/44LSAnti-Infective/Infectious Diseases, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science, Drug Design and Discovery, Immunology and Endocrinology Link
35Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine1875-69131875-692120/3LSBiotechnology, Drug Metabolism, GenomicsLink
36Current Psychiatry Research and Reviews2666-08302666-082219/3LSMedicine, Psychiatry Link
37Current Radiopharmaceuticals1874-47291874-471016/4LSClinical Trials, Drug Delivery, Drug Design and Discovery, Drug Metabolism, Drug TherapyLink
38Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews1875-63871573-398X19/4LSMedicineLink
39Current Reviews in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology2772-43362772-432818/3LSClinical Trials, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
40Current Rheumatology Reviews1875-63601573-397119-4LSMedicine, RheumatologyLink
41Current Vascular Pharmacology1875-62121570-161121/6LSCardiology and Cardiovascular Science Link
42Current Women`s Health Reviews1875-65811573-404819/4LSMedicine, GynecologyLink
43Drug Delivery Letters2210-304X2210-303113/4LSDrug DeliveryLink
44Drug Metabolism and Bioanalysis Letters2949-68292949-681016/3LSDrug Design and Discovery, Drug MetabolismLink
45Endocrine, Metabolic & Immune Disorders - Drug Targets2212-38731871-530323/14LSDrug Design and Discovery, Immunology and EndocrinologyLink
46Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets2212-39891871-526523/8LSAnti-Infective/Infectious Diseases, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
47Letters in Drug Design & Discovery1875-628X1570-180820/12LSAnti-Infective/Infectious Diseases, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Science, Drug Design and Discovery, Immunology and Endocrinology Link
48MicroRNA2211-53742211-536612/3LSGenetics & GenomicsLink
49Recent Advances in Anti-Infective Drug Discovery2772-43522772-434418/3LSAnti-Infective/Infectious Diseases, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
50Recent Advances in Drug Delivery and Formulation2667-38862667-387817/4LSDrug Delivery, Drug Design and DiscoveryLink
51Recent Advances in Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery2772-27162772-270817/2LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
52Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery2212-39701574-892818-4LSDrug Design and DiscoveryLink
53Recent Patents on Biotechnology2212-40121872-208317/4LSBiochemistry, BiotechnologyLink
54Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering1874-477X2212-797616/5LSEngineeringLink
55Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials1876-10381574-887118/4LSClinical Trials, Drug Design and Discovery, Drug TherapyLink
56The International Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Diseases2666-29142666-29062/2LSMedicineLink
S.No.Journal NameJournal
Journal Websites linkSUBJECT
1Clinical Practice & Epidemiology in Mental HealthCPEMHLinkEpidemiology
2Open Medicine JournalMEDJLinkMedicine
3The Open AIDS JournalTOAIDJLinkDermatology
4The Open Anesthesia JournalTOATJLink Anesthesia
5The Open Biochemistry JournalTOBIOCJLinkBiochemistry
6The Open Bioinformatics JournalTOBIOIJLinkBiochemistry
7The Open Biology JournalTOBIOJLinkBiology
8The Open Biomarkers Journal TOBIOMJLinkBiology
9The Open Biotechnology JournalTOBIOTJLinkBiotechnology
10The Open Cardiovascular Medicine JournalTOCMJLinkCTVS
11The Open Dentistry JournalTODENTJLinkDental
12The Open Diabetes JournalTODIAJLinkMedicine
13The Open Dermatology JournalTODJLinkDermatology
14The Open Environmental Research JournalTOECOLJLinkEVS
15The Open Infectious Diseases JournalTOIDJLinkMedicine
16The Open Medicinal Chemistry JournalTOMCJLinkBiochemistry
17The Open Microbiology JournalTOMICROJLinkMicrobiology
18The Open Neurology JournalTONEUJLinkNeurology
19The Open Neuroimaging JournalTONIJLinkRadiology
20The Open Nursing JournalTONURSJLinkNursing
21The Open Ophthalmology JournalTOOPHTJLinkOphthalmology
22The Open Orthopaedics JournalTOORTHJLinkOrthopaedics
23The Open Pain JournalTOPAINJLink Anesthesia
24The Open Parasitology JournalTOPARAJLinkMicrobiology
25The Open Public Health JournalTOPHJLinkComm.Medicine
26The Open Psychology JournalTOPSYJLinkPsychiatry
27The Open Rheumatology JournalTORJLinkPathology
28The Open Respiratory Medicine JournalTORMJLinkpul.Medicine
29The Open Urology & Nephrology JournalTOUNJLinkUrology
19781681083971Anti-Angiogenesis Drug Discovery and Development Volume 4Link
29789814998000A Comprehensive Text Book on Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery SystemsLink
39789815051421New Findings from Natural SubstancesLink
49789815049787Nanoparticles and Nanocariers Based Pharmaceutical PreparationsLink
59789815051636Localized Micro/Nanocarriers for Programmed and On-Demand Controlled Drug ReleaseLink
69789815051186Evidence-Based Research in Ayurveda against COVID-19 in Compliance with Standardized Protocols and PracticesLink
79789815040074Key Heterocyclic Cores for Smart Anticancer Drug–Design Part ILink
89789815036510Advanced Pharmaceutical and Herbal Nanoscience for Targeted Drug Delivery Systems Part ILink
99789811423178Anti-obesity Drug Discovery and DevelopmentLink
109789811432873Anti-Angiogenesis Drug Discovery and Development Volume 5Link

National Digital Library of India ia a virtual repository of learning resources which is not just a repository with search /browse facilities but provides a host of services for the learning community through a single window, National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) has sponsored the National Digital Library of India (NDLI) project and arranged funding through Ministry of Education. Total Digital Collection of India 6,46,51,364 resources.

Koha is a web-based open-source Integrated Library Management system and to browse and access any document in respect of the constituent colleges of MGMCRI/SSSMCRI/IGIDS/KGNC/SSSCON /SOP/AHS. which has been recently subscribed online software product containing five million books that are available which can be browsed and downloaded documents through OPAC and the Software product has been installed in the Digital Library of the Bapuji Central Library, SBV, Pondicherry. We can access all Medical,/Dental & Nursing books/Journals, etc. available only in the Digital Library of the computer system, Bapuji Central Library, SBV, Pondicherry which are exclusively installed software products in the computer system only. The total number of e-books available are 3,50,000 as on date.

SBV Library has more than 37,4811 e-books and it can be access , view and downloaded.


It is meant for PG Preparations/Competitive Examination like NEET/AIMS/JIPMER etc. (Five Taps are given to access full loaded medical subjects)

10. Catalogue of e-Copies