Bapuji Central Library



Every year, the purchase of the latest books has been added to the library for the benefit of the user community.  During 2010, the average number of the latest Health sciences books added was 2431 and thereby a total collection of books increased sharply. Similarly, during the last four the year 2016-2019 the average number has risen considerably and the total number of collection books as on date  46,477 The addition of latest books have become a centre of attraction and the student are very happy to see the latest books in the library. All library books have been classified and fully automated under the Management Library software of Guardia. All the provisions like OPAC, circulation, and other related library module is given. Bapuji Central library has followed Dewey Decimal Classification System for the classification of Books (DDC)


Journal is the primary source and supports the research activities of the university library.  Every year,  New journals are ordered and existing journals are renewed regularly for the benefit of the user community. The total number of journals has risen to  397.


Unlike other libraries, the Central library started binding the Journals after the completion of the year. During the year, 1300 Journals were bound taking the total number of archives collection to 2,026 from 2001-2012 and now back volumes have risen sharply to 5501 as on date.


The thesis is the reference and primary source and also the backbone of the research. The total collection of SBV libraries 1800 as of date.


The Library is kept open for 14 hours a day (8 AM to 10 PM) on all working days and from  9 AM to 5 PM on Sundays.  As per the suggestions of the expert committee, Bapuji Central Library time including constituent college of Dental, SSSMCRI, Chennai,  the timing of the library has been extended till 12 midnight and promulgated with immediate effect and also during the examination period, the central library would remain open round the clock on all the days of the examination. 


E-Resources are the results of the rapid development of Internet facilities in the libraries. It is most useful to the Research scholars and other users of the library. The scholarly resources are available online can be browsed and searched in different ways and thereby save time for the users. Total number of e-resources as on date is 11,913.