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 APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


Bapuji Central Library


CAS (Current Awareness Service)

Bapuji Central Library has introduced a mailing service and any latest information on Books and Journals received in the Library is flashed to the concerned Department for information. The latest books that were purchased recently have been intimated to the Department by mail. Similarly, any latest Journal is received in the library, the same is intimated to the concerned Department for information by mail.


A Signage is displayed at the entrance of the library showing the latest information on the library.

ILL (Internet Library Loan)

Facilities are also available. Articles not available in the central library can be arranged from other libraries on request (ILL).


Facilities are available for Photocopying. However, the whole book or heavy books are not allowed for photocopying.   


A number of servers and workstations are installed in the University library for modernizing and automation of the library operation and services.

The library resources have been computerized using the koha web-based open-source  Integrated library management system and Bapuji central library has uploaded all the documents including books, Journals, and Thesis with respect to the constituent colleges of  MGMCRI, SSSMCRI, IGIDS, KGNC, SSSCON  & School of Pharmacy.  The user community can access and view any document not only concerned with the constituent college but can view the document pertaining to any other constituent college. However, the documents belonging to the constituent college can be viewed only under a single platform. URL:


The computerized Bibliographic details of the books, Back volumes Thesis, reports etc are available in the library through OPAC service.  Computer systems are provided to the user of the library for this service. The users can search the databases in different ways.

  • Author
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Classification
  • Words with title
  • Any other keywords using the Boolean operator

                The long-felt need of the Department for updating their Department library was fulfilled with the purchase of the latest books by the Library. The Books requested by the Departments were transferred to the Departments and thus the Department Library Collection has been updated.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) have been introduced and Installed in the Bapuji Central Library of  MGMCRI and central library of SSSMCRI respectively  during April end, 2021  This RFID System has been fully automated using link with KOHA Integrated  Library Management System for Quick Issue/Return of books for the benefit of the user community. In addition to this, Report generation has been done in respect of the user statistics for  total issue of books/return/Renewal/Reminders/Fine collection details /OPAC etc are provided in the system. RFID TAG numbering  15,000 medical books for MGMC&RI and 5,000 medical books for SSSMC&RI have been pasted on each book with the link of input of bibliography book details which are already available in the KOHA Integrated Library Management System.  Moreover, the Books and Manuscripts in circulation are managed using RFID based cataloguing system powered by KOHA Integrated Library Management System.


The Bapuji Central Library is a member of various library and resources consortiums like Proquest, Life Science Collection, INFLIBNET, National Digital Library of India,   Academic Consortium, New Zeland etc. INFED based on Shibbotech Central authentication system (CAS) has been implemented for remote access to all electronic resources, databases and Scientific literature subscribed to by the Library. Last month (June, 2021) , User ID/Pass word numbering 1000 above given individually with support and cooperation of the INFED, INFLIBNET  for the Faculty/Staff/ Research Scholar/Student for all the constituent colleges of the SBV (MGMC&RI/SSSMC&RI/IGIDS/KGNC/SSSCON/Faculty of Allied Health Sciences/ School of Pharmacy respectively in order to access subscribed the E-Journals of Bentham Life Science Collections and Proquest Databases.(24X7) system.