APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


MBBS Admission – Migration of Students


  1. Migration of students from one medical college to another medical college in Indian shall be granted only in exceptional cases to the most deserving applicants for good and sufficient reasons and not on routine grounds. The number of students migrating to / from any one medical college shall be kept to the minimum which shall in any case not exceed the limit of 5% of its sanctioned intake in one academic year. There shall be no migration on any ground from one medical college to another located in the same city.
  2. Migration of students from one college to another is permissible only if both the colleges are recognized by the Central Government under section 11(2) of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and further subject to the condition that it shall not result in increase in the sanctioned intake capacity for the academic year concerned in respect of the receiving medical college.
  3. The applicant shall be eligible to apply for migration only after qualifying in the first professional MBBS examination. Migration during clinical course of study shall not be allowed on any grounds.
  4. For the purpose of migration, an applicant shall first obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the college where he/she is studying for the present, the University to which it is affiliated to, the college to which migration is sought and the University to which that college is affiliated to. He/she shall submit his/her application for migration within a period of one month of passing (declaration of results) of the first professional MBBS Examination along with the said ‘No Objection Certificate’ to the Director, Medical Education of the State where the college / institution, including Deemed Universities to which migration is sought is situated or to the Head of the Institution in case migration is sought to a Central Government institution. The Director, Medical Education of the State concerned or the Head of the Central Government Institution as the case may be, shall take a final decision in the matter as to whether or not to allow migration in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and communicate the same to the applicant within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the request for migration.
  5. A student who has joined another college on migration shall be eligible to appear in the 2nd professional MBBS examination only after obtaining the minimum attendance in that college in the subjects, lectures, seminars, etc., required for appearing in the examination prescribed under Regulation 12(1).


  1. The University will frame appropriate guidelines for grant of No Objection Certificate or migration, as the case may be, to the students subject to provisions of these regulations.
  2. Any request for migration not covered under the provisions of these Regulations shall be referred to the Medical Council of India for consideration on individual merits by the Director (Medical Education) of the State or the Head of Central Government institution concerned. The decision taken by the Council on such requests shall be final.
  3. The College / Institutions shall send intimation to the Medical Council of India about the number of students admitted by them on migration within one month of their joining. It shall be open to the Council to undertake verification of the compliance of the provisions of the regulations governing migration by the colleges at any point of time.

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