Policy on Health Care Incubation & Start-up

The scope is to define the policies and procedures for the operational matters related to the SBV – MGM Bio – Incubator

The policy is subject to periodical review and amendments. SBV – MGM Bio – Incubator reserves the rights to make an exception of all or any of the terms of the policy for a particular company or a promoter on a case to case basis.

  1. All Incubatee have to adhere the policy and regulations of SBV – MGM Bio – Incubator.
  2. On demand of Institute or center, company or start-up has to vacate the space immediately or within one of notification from the Institute.
  3. All incubatee have to strictly follow the policies of IT, Cyber security and related discipline policy of the Institute.
  4. A regular performance assessment will be done on all incubated start-ups and accordingly, their term or other support may be extended, if required.
  5. Startups are incubated in center without any rent, however, they may have to pay a minimal seat rent as and when the formal processes are in place.
  6. Start-ups can bring the interns in the center after obtaining formal approval from the center head.
  7. An incubatee can attend guest lectures/ talks after sending formal information about their participation to center head.
  8. All the resources available in institute can be made available to incubatee as per their requirement only after informing the center head.
  9. If an incubatee earned any funding, they have to inform and share the information with the center.
  10. If an incubatee invites unauthorized person in the center, they are liable to inform before hand to center head/team.
  11. All the information sharing of Institute needs to be adhered by incubatee.