MGMARI and its school and centres offers tailor made, future ready courses for the students with unparalleled access to hospitals, industries and its state-of-the-art research facilities. Our courses are co-developed with extensive engagement and participation of national and international academia, institutions, and industries. Together we build a deeper, more holistic scientific education environment that empowers.

Special Features

  1. Course curriculum advised by a Scientific Working Group of specialists from bio-industry, Entrepreneurs and Academic experts.
  2. Faculty from MGMARI, Medical colleges, leading Industry and International universities are involved.
  3. Industry visits, internships and hospital exposure are integrated.
  4. Opportunity to specialize in basic and industrial aspects of biopharmaceuticals, stem cells, gene therapy; bio-design and medical devices/implants; Diagnostics and platforms; rDNA products development and their use in medicine; regulatory sciences.
  5. Access to an advanced bio-medical research facility with GLP Animal house and animal alternative facility; Genetics and Molecular biology platform and biological samples; are provided for in-house R&D.
  6. Tailor-made education and industry ready skill development training for students with the scope of employment in bio-industries, academic, government research laboratories and bio entrepreneurship and as science product managers.

Programs Offered


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