Academic Year 2021

1Will CRISPR-Cas9 have cards to play against cancer? An update on its applicationsDaisy Precilla S., Kuduvalli SS., Anitha TS. Mol. Biotechnol. 2021; 1-6. Click Here
2Synergistic anti-apoptotic effect of naringenin on enhancing anti-glioma efficacy of temozolomide in an in vitro experimental modelDaisy Precilla S., Shreyas S Kuduvalli., Sathish R., Anitha TS. Res J Biotechnol. 2021. 16 (10) pp. 43-49Click Here
3SARS-CoV-2: The Road Less Traveled- From the Respiratory Mucosa to the BrainJayamuruga Pandian Arunachalam, Anoop U.R, Kavita Verma, Rahini Rajendran and Subbulakshmi Chidambaram. ACS Omega. 2021; 6(10)7068-7072.Click Here
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5Can artificial intelligence overtake human intelligence on the bumpy road towards glioma therapy?Daisy Precilla S, Anitha T.S. Medical Oncology. 2021 Apr 3;38(5):53.Click Here
6Wnt/β-catenin Antagonists: Exploring New Avenues to Trigger Old Drugs in Alleviating Glioblastoma MultiformeDaisy Precilla S, Shreyas S Kuduvalli, Mugilarasi Purushothaman, Parthiban Marimuthu, Muralidharan A. Ramachandran, Anitha T.S. Current Mol Pharm. 2021. Apr 19. Click Here
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9Viral hemorrhagic fever: Molecular pathogenesis and current trends of disease management- An updateVignesh M, Pooja Pratheesh, Lokesh S, et al. Current Research in Virological Science. 2021; 2: 100009. Click Here
10Downregulation of protein and mRNA levels of vimentin in periodontitis a potential biomarker candidate for periodontal severity? P Balu, V Mariappan, A Chandrasekaran, K Babu, AB Pillai.  Gene Reports. 2021; 101308.Click Here
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