Public Health & Policy

Decoding Policy directives influencing biosafety, biosecurity, public health, economy, trade, and outbreak response-preparedness.


We study and research on the policy approaches that impacts bioeconomy, scientific advances, and technological innovations at the nation – globe interface.

We have a large interdisciplinary and international collaborative networks involving policy experts, influential policymakers who contribute towards science diplomacy and advocacy to evolve with sustainable and locally fit policy directives.

Area of Interest

Biosafety & Biosecurity
Strategies to safeguard biotechnology and promote peaceful use through national and international instruments and practices.

Pandemic Preparedness and Responses
Strategies to prevent epidemics and improve disease detection, surveillance, and response.

Bioeconomy & Trade
Current Status, catalysts and future directions to improve nation’s footprint in a global platform.

Science Communication
Strategies for better science-based communications and outreach.


  • Review the global and national policies and proposed policy interventions on the focus areas.
  • Identify the policy challenges and impediments and assist in the mitigation of the challenges.
  • Engage in interdisciplinary networking at local, regional and global levels to evolve with policy guidance.
  • Develop human resources with policy expertise through training, workshop, research and Ph.D.
  • Create opportunities by connecting people and organizations both at the national and international levels.

Some of our Research Tools

  • Legal and regulatory documents
  • Policy documents
  • Scientific publication
  • Independent reports from credible sources
  • Field survey
  • Stakeholder engagements

Ongoing Research

  • Export control of dual use biological and chemical items – training and stakeholder engagements
  • Media and Health – a perspective
  • Biotechnology Policy perceptions – Opinions and Advocacy
  • Prioritizing science diplomacy – The Roadmap


Covid 19 Pandemic – Frontline experiences and lessons learnt from a tertiary care teaching hospital at a suburban location of Southeastern India, Nirmal Coumare V, Swati Jayant Pawar, P.S. Monoharan, Pajanivel R et al. Frontiers Public Health. 2021; 9:673536.  

Global Collaborations