With state of art research facility and access to hospitals and industry through networking and multidisciplinary collaboration, MGMARI is dedicated to use “Science To Solve Problems of The Society”.

Our team of experts is engaged in their independent research domains and participates in collaborative research having cross-cutting issues. We have solid inter-departmental, and inter-institutional networks of national and global extensions.

Thematic Area

Research Groups

Each of the MGMARI Research Theme Areas are implemented by dedicated Research Groups. Research Groups bring together basic scientists, medical practitioners, and research students across disciplines of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University. Each group develop research projects, joint activities, and share expertise.

Our research groups collaborate with each other and across disciplines, industries and startups to make the most of incredible knowledge base of expertise. In this way, MGMARI is working to stretch boundaries, challenge traditional ways of thinking, and innovate toward finding potential opportunities in biomedical sciences and Technology.

Together, we are building a global research footprint.

Launch of Virtual Interdisciplinary Research Platform (VIRP)

The VIRP shall address regional research problems by matching national priorities and global trends encouraging workshops, webinars, and collaborative projects with industry, government, and inter-institutional networks.

VIRP comprises a set of online tools and other network resources and technologies interoperating with each other to facilitate or enhance the processes of research practitioners within and across institutional boundaries.

VRP is expected to facilitate collaboration amongst researchers and research teams providing them with more effective means of collaboratively collecting, manipulating, and managing data, as well as collaborative knowledge creation.