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Fish Embryo Acute Test (FET)

3Rs - aligned method for fast and high throughput acute toxicity assessment in vivo.

The Fish Embryo Acute Test rapidly assesses chemical toxicity in vivo, providing quick high-throughput screening with predictive accuracy akin to adult fish models. It reduces reliance on animal testing, aligning with ethical standards and enhancing efficiency in research and development.

It is described in the OECD 236 Guideline as a test required for ecotoxicological regulatory purposes, and it is also useful to assess the safety of compounds in preclinical research.


  1. High experimental throughput for chemical safety assessment in vivo.
  2. Convenient drug delivery.
  3. Cost-efficiency.
  4. Highly predictive for acute toxicity effects in humans.
  5. Alternative experimental method to reduce animal testing while evaluating toxicity in vivo.
  6. Applicable to a wide range of compounds regardless of the mode of action, volatility, solubility, and hydrophobicity.

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