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Annual Sports Meet – 2011

The Annual sports meet 2011 had held on 4th and 5th march of 2011 by the batch of 2007, The ZENARTZ.  Hoisting the college flag the annual sports meet 2011 commenced. Following the hoisting of flag, the torch was handed over to Mr. Mithungovind, sports secretary of batch 2007 by Prof.K.R.Thyagarajan, Dept. of Orthopedics accompanied by Prof.RobinsonSmile, Dept. of surgery, Prof.K.Henreibalraj, Dr. Parthanandhi and Physical Director Mr.Saravanan. The flame was lit by Mr. Mithungovind, sports secretary of batch 2007, marking the start of the  sports meet. The sports events started with 100meter dash-women followed by various other events.